Saturday, March 12, 2011

i have just changed the playlist on the left .
i realized my taste in music is really really weird .
i like songs which are really freaky . and strange .
but hold really strong meanings if you analyse the lyrics .

so , my playlist is now home to tim minchin & george watsky songs .
these are two of my favourite living artists .
they are both daring in terms of how they daringly show their opinions through music .
though tim minchin's songs are supposedly comedic , they have deeper meanings .

and uh don't be put off by the startings and immediately pause the song .
especially tim minchin's . because it starts off really boringly .
because there's usually a volta . and it gets more exciting . i promise (:

the songs for your entertainment are ;
if you really loved me - tim minchin
fuck an emcee name - george watsky
prejudice - tim minchin
pale kid raps fast - george watsky [ this isn't actually a proper song . but it's really cool anyway ]
seizure boy - george watsky & the getband

both of them use many many f - words (;
kaythanks (:

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