Thursday, March 10, 2011


anyway , this week's learning journey week , meaning we don't have school (Y) on tuesday , we went to batam for LJ and it was really an experience . more photos here THANKS OMOHOMO (:

so , went to school really early to pack the donation items from 204 to the batam kids (: i couldn't wait yeahyeah . then we left for habourfront (: , where the ferry station was located .

the box of goodies for the kids there . it basically contains children's books , stationary , board games , flash cards , and lots of cool cool stuffs ! haha okay im making it sound really nice . it's the thought that counts yeah (:

before we left for the ferry ! it was apparently considered immigration & photography wasn't allowed but we didn't see any signs hahah ! stopped camwhoring anyway . oh and y'know the metal detector that you walk through ? it always beeps when i pass through it . it really freaks me out , and makes me panic for that brief moment . but it's usually my belt or something , which is in this case (:

on the ferry which was super duper rocky and made almost all of us seasick D: we should've known and brought more chips and candy DDDD; when we finally reached there , we had like express pass , and just submitted our passports to them , in which they would stamp us both in and out of batam at the same time which meant we would have been stamped out of batam before we actually left (: there , we met our tour guide ! he's kevin (: ohmygosh he's this super smiley person . i liked him the moment i saw him even though he isn't very handsome or something ! (:

wahaha doesn't he look super sexaye here ? anyway , he cracks superalot of lame jokes but it's reallyreally funny ! he's so cute , the way he speaks . and i really admire him cos he's like some language genius or something . he's indochinese and learnt english for just the past eight months , but the way he spoke was really fluent and amazing . i heard him speak in mandarin too ! and of course , bahasa indonesian ! oh yes and he could speak many dialects ! wahaha new idol . okay not really . TIMMINCHIN oohlalala . oh shoot , i'm crushing so many people at once ! nahhhhhhh , mr. kelvin has wife and kids around my age heh . anyway , he brought us to this garden thing to look at the minature versions of indonesia's various cultural buildings/villages etc .

then , it was lunch at a seafood restaurant called "golden prawn" or something LOL . the ambiance isn't exactly very restaurant-ish . i remember eating there when i went to batam a few year's back ! (: i think we ordered the wrong stuff that time , cos i didn't exactly liked the food there . but , the food the teachers ordered for us were nice . like , most of them were fried and and it was really good . they ordered many dishes ! it was like , we thought it was the end of the meal and waitresses would bring more plates of food for us (:

just two dishes ! (:

&& a class photo ! (Y)
after filling our bellies , we made our way to the school ! which was the main thing of the whole trip . our class have spent quite a bit of time planning the stuff to be organised and played with the children . especially to batam LJ comm , it meant a lot (: once we got off the bus to walk a considerable distance to the school , there were already a few students there to welcome us (: it was so heartening to see them . then , we walked . before we finally reached the school , melodious singing could already be heard and my heart just melted . it brought tears to my eyes . it was really touching to see these kids - without anything , yet having such positive attitude towards life . we must really be appreciative to all that we have in singapore .

they performed for us (: it was really heartening to see them put in all their effort in all that they do . i hate little kids , but that's probably because those spoiled brats in singapore spoilt my impression . i'm not saying i am perfect but we really have a lot to learn from these kids .

this is the school where angels study and gain knowledge from (;
then we went to the p6 class to carry out our activities . all of them were so willing to learn and participate ! though their standard of english was lower than what we expected , we adapted quite well , i guess ! good job LJ comm ! but i guess more can be done . because it was relatively messy . as long as the kids enjoyed themselves , which they seem to be , we are contended (: but perhaps they are always happy ;D

byebye ! (': we will miss you guys ;D

ferry back to singapore (: yes , all these happened in a day (:

okay , so the other learning journeys were a bore , compared to this , of course !
history LJ to the old ford factory was quite boring but the station masters , whom i suppose are post a-levels pre-u young adults , were quite awesome (: there were three guys who were superduper funny and made the whole thing much better .

for today , WELL nature park thing was the usual . but it was worse due to the rain . we had to like wear ponchos or hold umbrellas and all was terribly inconvenient .


TIM MINCHIN IS AN AMAZING PERFORMER , amongst those alive , of course . michael jackson can never be replaced (: this guy is a musical comedian and is super awesome . he has a reason for his eye makeup and whatnot , so don't slam him as gay okay ! he has a wife , if im not wrong hahah . OHEMGEE , HYPERVENTILATES . i think i'm crushing on guys way too easily . this must stop . as in , not only public figures / celebrities DDDDDDDD; haha but it will past , yes it will (:

finally completed RS proposal today . late , but oh wells . hopefully we'll be accepted for philosophy rs (: PHILOSOPHY ;DD my new love (: it forces me to think . and lately i realized that my brother is quite an amazingly smart guy .

kaythanksbai .
loads of love ,

hopefully , this relatively long post can make up for my absence for the past few days / weeks (:

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