Friday, May 21, 2010

yeeha (:
today was open house prep day ! ;D so school ended at 10 am . whee ~ luckily for me , my cca didn't need us sec 1s to help in setting up the guides booth , even though some ccas needed their dear sec 1s . HEH :P
then some of us decided to play basketball . we took the balls in the cage where there wasn't any labeling . there was another cage which had a sign saying "for basketball school team members only" so we didn't take those . then some school team members told us we couldn't take . but our PE teacher said we could take , as long as we asked any school team member , which we did - charlene . so , those basketballers couldn't do anything (: heh . 
so we played till 11.30am . whoa , i was SWEATY D: then me , shi min , samantha , jamie & zixian took 190 from the opposite bus stop . i went to orchard mrt , and took to bishan . they took to plaza sing . didn't want to join them though . 
then at bishan , i walked around J8 aimlessly . heh . super bored . then read some books at popular ? then time passed . then after that , i saw some RI guys . WTH . how come their school end so early ?
after that , i realised that i SHOULD go to the library cos i could sit there ><>


heh . he was reading a book on the 2nd level . he looked up and saw me , then he went back to his book . OBVIOUSLY . i'm not a guy or anything . LOL  .

then i waited for my MUMMY to come to eat swensens with me . after eating , we went home . and i slept >< 

heh , and now , i'm here . YAY 

cos u know u want to (: 

love , 

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