Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wow . today is a super interesting day . probably one of the most interesting days of my entire life . it probably won't sound interesting as my writing skills are pretty bad , but i shall try my best.

okay , basically lessons today weren't very interesting , it was just pretty normal . 
it was after that where we had to go for the dreaded 
PFT / NAPFA or whatever you call it . 
anyway , hmm ... these are my scores : 

SIT-UPS : A ;DD i was like , only at 26 when the guy said "10 more seconds" , so i was like , OH SHUCKS , i want my A . so i gathered all my strength and did 1 sit up per 2 seconds . WOOTS . 刚刚好 . heh heh . 

SIT&REACH : A ^^ this is the easiest larh . i just sit there and stretch and got 44 cm (: improved 5 cm from last year . got the same for both attempts . wasted my energy . but actually i already overshot A by 2 cm ;DD yay ! 

STANDINGBROADJUMP : B - . - haiz ... so sad . jump so short distance ): at first it was worse , only 140++ it's like D or something . then , i thought , NO , i must jump further than that ! then in the end B . 

SHUTTLERUN : B = = u know in pri school , we used bean bags , but here , we used wooden blocks . easier to grip , so i managed to get a B which is considered not bad for me . 

INCLINEDPULL-UPS : you don't wanna know D: okay , i will tell you , but a disclaimer before i reveal my grade : i have always failed my napfa in pri school because of this , except for pri 6 . 
okay , my grade ? i don't even have one ! i only did one pull up , then i gave up D: i couldn't even do 3 )): it was super scary , then i was so scared the "chief tester" would walk past . she's damn scary and acts so authoritative . other class' people failed because of her strict guidelines . 
but i had tricia to fail with me . in the end , we decide to retest for that station after everything . so we went there again . my school gives one retest on the day itself . then if you really cannot , u gotta come back in august to retest all 5 stations . 

of course i didn't want that , so i retest . 
i decide to go to an older man to test me , not those young ones as they are probably strict and not those women as women are pickier . so , i did ... 3 ! ;DD i passed man . woo hoo . THANKS TESTER , love you so ;DD I DON'T GO FOR OLDER MAN , you get what i mean = = i did like , 2 . then i couldn't gather my strength and had to use my lower part of the body to push myself but he didn't count that , i did about 3 of those "cheaty" type of pull up . then , i was like , oh no... then he said , "okay , nevermind . i just write 3 here" YAY ! ;DD then he laugh at me , he said "never practice uh ?" then i was like , inclined pull ups cannot practice , cos i dont have those metal bars . then he showed me ways to train , probably for next year (: hahaha . then went for guides , which was slack . and i took bus 132 home . it was rather late already . 

u must be thinking , "she's already going home , but not much had happened , what's so interesting about her day?" hehheh . but NO ! ;DD who told u that stuff dun happen on buses ?(:

okay , so i had a low battery on my phone . the battery bar was like , RED ?! when it's supposedly green if it's battery is high . LUCKILY , it managed to play songs to entertain me throughout the 1 hour trip . LOVE YOU SO MUCH , PHONE ;DD 

anyway , that's not the point . the point is , when the bus was like , at around , amk hub ? one guy , maybe about 50 plus years old ? fell down . it wasn't the normal fall , he was standing about 3 seats away from me , near the door [it's a single deck] . i was sitting at the second seat from the back . anyway , it wasn't a normal fall , i saw him . he kind of , i don't wobbled a bit and suddenly fell smack on the floor of the bus . and it wasn't because the bus was jerky or anything . of course , it caused much of a commotion . and he didn't like , stand up or anything . he just lied the floor . then some people asked him if he was okay and he shouted at them , he was like "I'M NOT OKAY!" real rudely . i'm not making him sound bad or anything , i'm just narratin what happened without adding my own personal thoughts , YET . anyway , then more people crowded around him . i stayed in my seat , but my neck grew a little longer , trying to steal a peak . then this CJC boy i recognized as i always see him on 132 with his gf , stood up and tried to carry the man to a nearby seat , where a woman was sitting with her trolley . the boy put the man's arm around his neck , but the man was like , "NECK NECK !" or something . 

then after that , the man lied back on the floor as he was too heavy . by the time , the bus had pulled over at the amk mrt bus stop and onlookers from outside were peering in . the bus driver got out from his seat and came over . the man was shouting at the woman who was sitting at the nearby sit. he was saying "IDIOTIC . SO SELFISH . CAN'T SHE SEE I NEED THE SEAT" or something like that . the woman immediately pushed her trolley to a seat at the back . then a few more man decided to carry the man up onto the seat , but he was like , "MY LEGS ARE WEAK . I CAN'T EVEN STAND . I HAD SUFFERED FROM A HEART ATTACK NOT LONG AGO . THAT'S WHY. LEAVE ME HERE." well , obviously we can't leave you there . you are blocking the door ... nobody will be able to exit if we leave you there . then i think a few people told him that or something so he commanded the CJC boy to carry him down to the bus stop . so the CJC boy did . and i heard from outside , the man was saying "JUST PUT ME ON THE FLOOR. " i was like , eh ? on the floor ?

anyway , after he was left "on the floor" , the bus drove off ! and the commuters were like , "boy , that man has a real hot temper" or "so rude" or stuff like that . one man was laughing so happily . as for me , i don't know whether to feel pitiful or angry at him . but all i could think of was , i want to eat packed food . i have no idea why , but i didn't feel like eating home cooked dinner today , unlike normal days . 

and when i went home , it was packed food ! ;DD haha , ooh yeah . 
then i told my parents the 132 story . then my dad was like , "That guy is so rude" and stuff like that . i actually thought he would scold me and say i was so heartless cos i felt damn angry . you know , at that point of time in the bus , i really wanted to go over to that guy and tell him "if you want people to help you , please be more polite. you might feel humiliated and is venting your anger at us , or maybe this makes you feel more authoritative and save you from your face , but trust me , you're not helping yourself. This makes people judge you really differently." 

Okay , this is just my personal view , please do not take any offence or anything . 
Anyway , when my mother heard the bus story , she only had one thing to say "do you think it was candid camera ?" 
LOL , it might be ... the possibility seems more and more real as i think about the whole situation . but of course , it might not be . 
if it really was , luckily i stayed in my seat . 


end of my SUPER LONG POST 

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