Thursday, May 27, 2010

YAY ! the school holidays are here ! (: and i have so few homework , it's hard to believe . 
i have : a math worksheet which is made of only 1 piece of paper , a chinese compo , and a history PT ! ;DD ooh lala . anyway , i shall update on my life this week . 

okay , so i went to the heartstrings concert - a collaboration between RGS guitar ensemble and Raffles Strings . went after school with tricia . when we walked out , people asked us to do survey , and then kept talking to us , then commented that my bag was nice , bla bla bla . then we had to fill in "address" , "phone number" but we didnt . we just put a dash . HAHAAHA . we went to junction 8 to eat macs , and do ... u know ? sight seeing , heh . i meant , people seeing (: teehee . especially those dressed in white . but all so nerdy . yucks . LOL ><
then we took an mrt to city hall . when we were waiting for the train to arrive , this random woman came to talk to us , or rather , me . cos i was answering = =  

woman : Are you from RGS?
me: yeah . 
woman: yeah , i could tell from your uniform . 
me: ... okay ...
woman: my niece is there, you see. 
me: oh ! really ? [ i didn't know what to say = = ]
woman: yup . are you in sec 2?
me: nope , i'm a sec 1. 
woman: oh . do you do to church?
me: no . 
woman: have you ever been to a church?
me: no . 

*TRAIN ARRIVES* me and tricia heads to another carriage , lest she talks about religion . then we went to city hall and alighted . as we were going up the escalator , i was standing next to tricia . then i heard someone say "excuse me" from behind . i thought i was blocking someone . so i turned back . then it was this bunch of about 4-5 guys . they were pretty tall . maybe sec 3 or something . they were wearing home clothes . then one of them [the nicest looking one] said "are you going for the heartstrings concert?" i said "yeah" . heh . he sounded like an RI guy . u know ? RI guys talk in a certain manner . and he wouldn't attend an RGS concert if he wasn't from RI , right ? so anyway, he continued , "can we follow you? cos we don't know how to get to the Victoria Concert Hall" . and i was like , "erm , actually we are finding people which we can follow . we are not sure how to get there either" and he said " oh it's okay . we'll still follow you" . WTH ? 

then we just walked . we followed the traffic flow . then we were walking too fast or something ? the RI guys were like , "WAIT! DON't WALK SO FAST ! later we can't find you and we will be lost" erm ... okay ? then we slowed down . then SUDDENLY . one of them fell into the bushes near the pavement . i got no idea how he did that . the pavement was so wide , but he could fall in . then his friends pulled him out . me and tricia laughed >< 

then we went in to the theatre hall . it was FREAKING SMALL ><><>


heh , i don't feel like posting anymore . as for today's SPORTS FEST , i HAD A BLAST ;DD but i have a sun burn ): 


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