Saturday, May 1, 2010

helloh everyone ! i'm back ;DD
well well , did i blog about having an asthma attack ? oh well , i shall not elaborate , since my facebook status[es] have probably been enough . 

gahh gahh )': i'm having that feeling of sadness again ... 
whenever i visit BIBIANA's blog , i'll get that feeling . it's really like , seriously CRAZY . it's overwhelming . i just think about 6r7 , the prefect EXCOs , the brownies , my juniors , and every single person in HIPS , then i just get so sad and wanna cry . but it seems to be that only bibiana's blog can do that ... it's like some magical power or something . i just miss her the most , apart from all the other 6r7-ers (: 

arggggghhhhh . and homework . 
that's my hatest of all hates . 

gah , goodbye ;DD 
i shall try to attempt my geog worksheet . it's killing me D:  
it's a pretty slow and silent death . but i'm dying , yeah ? 

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