Tuesday, May 11, 2010


i'm in a good mood today . 
won't elaborate cos i got to study for chemistry exam tomorrow . but for the chemistry practical exam i took , i got a GPA of 4.0 ! ;DD ALRIGHT , baby (: 
heh , but for the other exam papers i got back ... erm ... i ... will not disclose the marks cos i think i did SUPER BADLY D: 

anyway , i'm in a good mood not only because of chemistry but also cos i finished painting alice for the book day thingy . it's some decor competition where we are supposed to decorate the classroom doors to look like a book cover . and our book is ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND . heh , i'm in charge of this project . and EVERYONE was really cooperative . i split up the work , and best of all , i skipped recess and lunch ! ;D i like keeping myself busy , like in my pri school days , so i can DIET (:  heh , but i ate after school anyway . 

then , my classmates praised me ;D heh , so honoured . 
THANKS for saying all the good stuff about me . but really , it's not really true . 

then for speech & drama , chloe said that i'm good in acting and should join TCS [mediacorp] heh . thanks chloe , but i didn't even make it to drama club . LOL . she probably said that cos i "cried" for quite a while on stage cos nai jie lin and tricia were having some problems and they messed up the script . heh , i could showcase my "talents" for a while more . LOL >< 

alright , 
dinner now ; and then MUGGING 

yuppjuejuewaffleleeyinn (: 

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