Tuesday, May 18, 2010

okay, so yesterday , it was monday . the EMILY & LIYIN meeting day . but emily was erm , late . so she could not catch my 132 . so i told her . let's meet at hougang then . which meant i would take 132 all the way to hougang and meet her there . anyway , she got apple ice blend for me ;DD heh . thanks , eh ? then i was like , haiz ... i wanna go back to HIPS ... then she said , okay , you want to go back to HIPS or hougang mall? of course i chose HIPS , then she gave a call to Mr. Ho , and off we went ;D took 132 back to school . i saw jewelyn getting into her car at the gate there . she waved to me first , then i waved back ;DD heh . at least she recognized me . then we went there and Mr. Ho was there . the security auntie gave us a VISITOR pass ! :O we're visitors man ;D haha , i have always been a student there . then we went to HOD room and visit visit a while . BRINGS BACK MEMORIES ;D then mr ng was there too . he asked me , "有没有买票?" he was talking about the $100 per person HIPS 25th anniversary dinner .  so i was like , "没有" then he said "莉盈,太令我失望了。"  LOL ><  so funny . 

then went we going out , mdm goh was sitting there and i was like , 吴老师! ;DD heh . she remember my name leh ;D i was like her P3 student ? she was like , "莉盈, 不错啊" huh ? bu cuo what ? but i just smiled and left . then me and emily went to the toilet to take photos like we always did during recess last time (: awww , no jasmine ): 

on the way to HIPS ;D
in the toilet...
heh . VISITOR pass ;D
HIPS (':
visitor passes again ;D
then went we were outside , emily called mdm ong phei nee to see whether she's still up there . sadly , she went home already ): awwww ... so sad leh . i wanted to see her . then , me and emily walked to hougang mall . heh . i was lured there . too tempting already . we went up to the 5th level and came back down again . then i saw KFC ;D so we went in . heh , treated emily to SNACKERS popcorn chicken for the 2nd time (:  i ate mine really fast then emily couldn't catch up . LOL >< 
going up up up ! and later down down down again on the escalator 

then we went over to macs . i bought a chocolate milkshake . 

but the chocolate milkshake was horrible . i didn't like it . 
then i went to hougang interchange and boarded 132 . on the bus , i saw shu qi , a P5 girl now. she boarded the bus at the school bus stop . heh . she recognized me leh (: she smiled at me , then i smiled back and she took out her geronimo stilton book (: heh . 

alright . that's it for yesterday . 

today , i stayed back to cheer my friends doing 2.4 km retest . we made banners and all . hahas . 

okay , gotta chiong my english AA ;D
BYE (: 

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