Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PHYSICS IS OVERR . In fact , my mid years are over !

I'm so glad for RGS . The exam system , i mean . Many people complain about how its so draggy but I think its really good . My mid years actually started in March , and now its May ! I'm not just talking about projects and all , but the real serious papers actually started in March , because we have this system where we sit for at most three papers on one day , and there's a break for two weeks for us to study for the next few papers . I love this system . Apparently we swapped with RI , cos my brother used to have this kind of exam scheduling but from what I know of now , it's not happening there anymore . And RGS also used to be the standard one week 5 papers or something last year . But I'm so glad they changed it this year . I have more time to study :D

Anyway , I came back early so I decided to make something oily for myself heh heh . So yeah , that probably explains the photo on top :D And no , I didn't eat three sausages . That's crazy. Those are halves heh heh . But that doesn't make it me less guilty anyway . And I ate so much chocolate ugh i hate myself . To add on to this , I have my NAPFA 2.4km run tomorrow which I'm going to die for . I mean , the weather is crazy these few days .

Alright , I have gotten over my George Yeo phrase . No , I still feel sad and all but oh well , this is life . It won't help if I continue to brood on it :D Sorry if I have been acting differently or having mood swings for the past few days and sincere apologies to those I have offended . But seriously , I love his nose . It's so red and round .

loveee ,
liyinnn .

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