Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello !
I'm in a dilemma . But never mind . Got back my Physics paper today . I was super worried that I would fail it because I was not confident at all for physics ! Luckily I got an okay GPA of 3.6 (:

Right , day eight of my 30-day challenge ! :

What you ate today

What I ate today ? Pretty easy , alright here goes :D

Breakfast : a cup of milo
Recess : ham & cheese bun that should've been my breakfast , ice lemon tea
Lunch : [which i ate at 3pm because of RS] chicken pie , ice lemon tea without ice
Currently : Stickys :D that are marble flavoured :D
Dinner [which I'm going to eat soon] : Spaghetti Bolognese which I cooked during home econs or rice , meat , egg and cabbage :D
What I'm going to eat later : 2 hershey kisses or eve's pudding which we made in home econs !


anyway , today was a relatively good day . cleared a lot of doubts with mr larry during RS :D
but i'm really tired and drained .

love ,
liyin !

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