Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I shall attempt to complete this tumblr 30-day challenge :D Because I realize that my posts always go astray and that's not very good , and sometimes I have no idea what to write about and therefore just talk about my day which isn't usually very interesting .

Therefore , this challenge (: okay today is DAY 1 - 5 ways to win my heart ! I doubt anyone would be interested in this , but for the sake of my challenge , here goes :

No one has really won my heart , I basically only had juvenile infatuations so I'm unsure of how anyone is even supposed to win mine . However , I must admit that I'm easily moved and touched and i easily give my heart out [not that serious actually , basically I'll just crush a person back if he crushes on me] That's not true always , but most of the time , which is really bad cos i end up being unsure of everything . But of course I'm trying to change that so I'm becoming a stronger and more aware of myself .

Right , back to the challenge . If I had to explicitly list out 5 ways to win my heart , then okay ! This actually isn't much of a "ways to win my heart" list . It's more of a "criteria" or something hahah !

1 . Be a naturally witty person :D
when i argue with a guy , i would like him more cos i admire those who are witty and able to hold an intelligent conversation with me , therefore this is not difficult because i have limited / zero intelligence . there would be stuff to talk about between us , so that's really good . the reason i said "naturally" , because some people try to be witty and come across as pretty lame i guess . that includes myself , but yeah .

2 . Be romantic , but don't overdo it :D
i think that everyone would naturally want to hear nice stuff and blush and feel shy and all , so yeah it's really good to be romantic cos that pleases almost all girls . however , don't overdo it . guys who do would come across as a player and praises ever too often won't be sincere .

3 . Be able to cook ! :D
guys who are able to cook are the win . especially if they cook for you because that's just much more sincere than store-bought gifts . and if there's a guy who would bake together with me , that's just so lovely .

4 . Be my best guy friend (':
best girl friends are really awesome but you should always have a best guy friend to whom you can cry your heart out to , seek protection and feel comfortable around . and if he's my other half , then that's even better cos you'd feel comfortable with him and all . basically i just think that the guy has to be someone you're going great with (i.e he knows all about you , you can be unglam with him etc)

5 . Be himself .
i guess the top four criteria is important but this is the most important one . i don't want a guy who pretends to be who he isn't just to meet the above standards cos that will just make himself miserable . and i won't like it :D

Yeah , so that concludes it :D To win my heart , you got to just be yourself , be comfortable with me , be able to cook , be romantic , and be witty . Heh but case-to-case basis . But I am , afterall just fourteen and am obviously too young for such stuff . So hopefully my future other half would read this blog and click archives and hit "May 2011" .

loveee ,
liyinn .

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