Sunday, May 8, 2011

The weather in Singapore right now is crazy . It's so hot . I just want a water balloon fight right now . And the balloons should be filled with nice cooling water . Then I wouldn't mind being hit . If anyone could make Singapore less hot , I'd do anything for him . Yeah , even if it means voting for the opposition . But no one can . So I'm still sticking to the PAP . Right , this first paragraph has no meaning or any intent at all . It's just me blabbering . I have a splitting headache from looking at numbers . No , not from math but physics . But there's nothing I can do , if I don't study , I'd be so so screwed . And my life would be ruined .

I think I'm becoming really lame . It's probably the after effects of the General Election . When all these excitement has died down and I don't get excited anymore , I would then try to make myself by amusing myself . But it isn't working . Oh , everyone's talking about Mr Yam Ah Mee . That's cute . But I hate such jokes , they don't make me laugh at all . Nevertheless , I have sent a friend request to him on facebook . Heh .

Did you guys read the papers today ? All those facebook petitions and all about having George Yeo replace Tin Pei Ling in parliament has been translated into forum letters . It's amazing how they actually publish all these stuffs . I thought it would have been deemed offensive . But these letters are much more toned down and less offensive to Tin Pei Ling as compared to those on facebook . There has also been an outpour of thanks and well-wishes to Mr George Yeo , one of them writing about how awesome he has been .

No matter how much I want Mr Yeo to have a seat in parliament , I think that the petition would not be taken into consideration . I mean , the voters of Aljunied has already voted and we must all respect their decision . Also , it is against the law to do this kind of thing - swop places and all . If PM Lee replaces her or like creates a seat in parliament for Mr Yeo , there will be an outcry from his non-supporters and like the opposition parties . Democracy guys , it won't work . And even if it does work , I doubt that Mr Yeo would take up this seat cos the context is kind of unjust .

However , if Mr Yeo runs for president in August , I think that he would definitely get the position . He is so popular . All over internet , even those Aljunied residents who voted for the opposition has said that Mr Yeo was a fantastic talent and everything and is the minister who is the most humble and all . But I doubt that he would run for president . In one of his rally speeches before the results were announced , he said that he wouldn't . And I personally feel that it would be a waste of his talents - the President , in my opinion doesn't seem to be doing much , but of course , I don't know much .

Right , I should study for physics . There's a stupid mosquito biting my leg . UGH .

loveeeee ,
liyinnnnn .


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