Sunday, May 29, 2011

Right , so I had the most amazing time on Friday .
We only had three blocks of lessons and then it was the end of school and everyone had to make their way to Toa Payoh Stadium for SPORTS FEST 2011 ! House commers met at the canteen where we ate lunch and then we had transport to bring us there (:

Louisa gave everyone a sweet note on a gay yellow piece of paper . I thought mine was really touching , thanks louisa ! (: Will work towards it .

Waddle house comm was just super duper cool , we brought balloons and crepe paper and everything and decorated our spot super nicely . Compared to the other houses , our area looked really pretty ! We had face paint as well , so we painted each other's faces :D I had a "W" on one cheek and a lightning bolt on the other , which is like harry potter-ish and therefore shouts WADDLE WIZARDRY WAHAHA . my awesome alliteration skills are so awesome .

Then everyone started streaming into Toa Payoh Stadium . Everyone was like super tired and for the lack of a better word , "sian" . Especially the sec twos onwards . I guess everything just impacted me and I didn't have much energy as well . But I thought I tried my best in hyping everyone up so I don't think I did badly . Then after the many races that a sports fest is supposed to have , which waddle did a pretty good job in , we had the cheer cum dance display competition .

And this was when I was so pissed and frustrated . I know I shouldn't have been , but I was . When the Waddle cheerleaders did their cheering routine , which all Waddlians should have been cheering loudly so as to score better , barely anyone was cheering and the atmosphere not too good . I felt very frustrated , everyone didn't cheer like how we rehearsed , and felt really bad for the cheerleaders who put in so much effort into this . But they still put on a bright smile and were not demoralized , something that was really heartening . And their dance display was really really awesome . For your viewing pleasure ;

GOOD JOB CHEERLEADERS ! ;D oh well Waddlians , we should try harder next time ! WE NEED TO CHEER REALLY LOUDLY (; Richardson got first for the cheer competition and we were a close second and that's something to be really proud of .

Tarbet got overall champion for Sports Fest . Congrats Tarbetians :D

Anyway , after that , we had the AWESOME HOUSE COMM DINNER ! It was so much fun , pity those who couldn't make it . We went to Bishan J8 and ate Pizza Hut (: Everyone was tired and worn out but it was so good ! Then Anissa treated us to Marble Slab Creamery . THANKS , dear captain (: We didn't want her to spend so much on us even though she allowed it so we shared pints , which were pretty expensive too ohman . Haha Jing En , Lynn , Jia Qian and myself got Cheesecake and Birthday Cake flavours in a pint :D I asked the guy to mix in REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS into our cheesecake and ohboy was it awesome !

Then we went home and it was really late I was so tired D:


We had AA Prep from 2pm onwards and it was super busy , I guess we were all rushing to make everything perfect for the visitors . There were two RI scouts [dancers :D] who came earlier to rehearse their dance . Everyone kind of just stopped whatever we were doing and watched them . They were really really awesome . Their dance moves are just smooth and they look as if they didn't have bones , it was just so cool .

Then the Sec Twos had to change into Guides Uniform , Christina and I then walked around school aimlessly and many people were strolling in :D Finally , AA started . GOOD JOB SEC FOURS ! (: Even though it wasn't the best campfire I've attended , lacking a bit in the entertainment factor , it was still really awesome because I know that this is the AA which the sec fours put in their heart and soul to do up a performance , a really touching one that is . I think that the sec four batch is a super enthu batch , with everyone loving Guides with all their heart and they are all really bonded , a batch that my batch is striving to become , not imitate , but to learn from .

Anyway , the RI scouts never fail to impress every time they dance . They should just join Dance or something . BUT our RGGuides sec fours don't lose out okay ! It was refreshing to see all the seniors dance like ... Mayo ! Haha , but she was the center of attraction mainly and I don't know how she could handle Waddle Cheerleading , her Batch dance and choreograph the sec one's batch dance ! And Wei Yi had her own fanclub it was so cute to watch .

Then everything ended and we exchanged gifts :D I'm glad my oreo monsters were deemed "cute" heh . I thought they looked weird .

I don't want striping to come , it will be a really really sad occasion ):
I love this sec four batch a lot even though I don't know many of them . Or rather , they don't know me .

Love ,

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