Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yes , I do know that nothing is forever but I am still very sad . True enough , I cried to sleep yesterday . I don't know why , it doesn't really concern me much but I was affected as I pondered about who would take over Mr George Yeo's position .

Today is Mother's Day , Happy Mother's Day , mum ! (: On a side note , as we were driving to east coast for a mother's day meal , we passed by Aljunied GRC . As I looked at the PAP campaign posters which are still up , my heart turned sour , it sank . My eyes turned watery as I saw the ex-minister who has been serving the residents for a good 23 years smile for the camera . I knew , at that point in time when the posters were put up , no one knew of the results and they were probably least expecting or least hoping that this man would have to step down and put an end to his political career .

As I read his latest posts on facebook , with the latest being "Overwhelmed by your goodwill n affection. Roses to all mothers!" . I just feel like crying , I know I sound shallow and all but my limited linguistic abilities make it hard for me to put my feelings to words . Or that the English dictionary is too limited for me to express myself . I keep re-watching the videos of him making speeches and all and his voice just rings sincerity . But don't worry , I'm not some crazy person , I just admire him a lot . Oh and a side note , in his "favourite music" section , he stated that he enjoyed MICHAEL JACKSON music . That just makes me like him more .

But , like the quote on the top of this post , life still goes on , everyone has to leave . A door closes , but a new door opens . He'll probably be offered a high post in a company of sorts , most likely one managed by the government but it's the fact that he is unable to serve the people of Singapore of a more widespread level . Life is so realistic , negatively realistic .

Right , my posts have been revolving around politics , and I sincerely apologize for that . But that's like on everyone's minds . The table beside us at the restaurant was talking about politics , we ourselves were talking about politics . Everyone was , everyone is worked up , everyone is unhappy with the results . There can never be a perfect world where everyone is satisfied and contended .

loveee ,
liyinn .

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