Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm super tired , had a super long day ):
But I'm still gonna do my 30-day challenge :D However , I don't quite get what I'm supposed to do :

Your family

Mmmm , what ? Am I supposed to write about my family or state who's in my family or what ? But oh well , since I'm so tired , I shall just state - I have a father , a mother and a brother :D yay done heh . This is so unsubstantial but never mind ! (:

Went to far east after a super long day in school for open house and dawn and I saw Kumar , you know the comedy drag queen ? He was just walking around in shades and there was this man who walked pass Kumar and then stopped and whispered to his wife , "kumar ! kumar !"

Bishan library is such a conducive place for study , it's so quiet and all . Pity I don't make use of this facility often .

loveeee ,
liyinnnn !

p/s : robbie williams is freaking old and he's not very handsome but i think he has a lot of charisma !

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