Thursday, May 12, 2011

Right , second day of my 30-day challenge ! Doing great i guess heh . The topic's

Something you feel strongly about

Something I feel strongly about ? That's quite difficult , considering my sheer lack of willpower , therefore making me lack the strength to actually feel strongly about anything .

Yeah , I should smile more , not that I don't but I don't smile internally .
One loves happiness and pleasures , so the something that I feel strong about should be the idea of Utilitarianism . Yes , that's a link to the wiki page on that moral theory and feel free to read it ! I personally haven't because reading that would just make things more complicated . So basically this idea is on doing what benefits the most people , I think . I like to relate this ideology to that of Robin Hood's - steal from the rich , give it to the poor . Stealing from one rich person benefits so many others , that's just plain awesome isn't it ? I think that's kind of like the idea , correct me if I'm wrong .

So yup , obviously one SHOULD believe in Utility because it's beneficial to most people , and that just makes the world go round :D one or two people should sacrifice for everyone else ! Right , I don't actually feel THAT strongly for this idea , but I can't think of anything else ! :o

Anyway , second day completed !
Alright , today I got back my literature results . Like the overall . Terribly disappointed with myself . For AA i did okay , which was the one that we had to write a poem . I got a GPA of 4.0 for that , but then for Lit PT , i got like 15/20 which is one mark to 4.0 & that is horrid and the worse was the paper itself , I passed , but it just sucked . So now my overall is like a lousy 3.2 and I'm really pissed with myself . I don't know how the heck I'm going to survive the other subjects , considering that Lit is supposedly one of my better subjects . But I already knew that I was going to do really badly for Literature cos my state of mind was affected by the horrid Math paper I had right before that and I couldn't think deeply .

On a second note , I have completed my NAPFA today ! (: So happy I passed . As I crossed the "finishing line" I was overjoyed and I just tumbled on the ground . Okay , that was due to fatigue , but still ! Sorry lah , I'm a naturally weak person and I can't do sports for nuts . I definitely can't run for my life :O But I'm quite disappointed with myself for walking like half of the distance , I didn't have any motivation at all . Goodness gracious . No more NAPFA till next year , no more exams till the end of june hols [which is going to be oh so exciting , may i add] , no more physics till next year , no more speech and drama [ it's gonna be replaced by PHILO PHILO PHILO ! ] yeap so my life is kind of awesome right now .

Just sent out an email to the Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore , I hope they would reply with a positive response . Or we would have to do up another proposal for our Service Learning ! I really enjoyed last year when I helped out at the roadshow heh heh , though it wasn't that meaningful but hopefully I'll get to interact with them ! :D

Ohoh and today I bought like the jelly crystals which gillian and jielin kindly recommended to me at thompson plaza today and I went home and made it [I usually made agar agar so I didn't know the procedure was different] Therefore , the jelly didn't set so I just popped it into the freezer and it's gonna become flavoured coloured ice .

But I am still trying to battle with my problem of being so unmotivated and lacking of willpower DDDDD: I hate myself and am utterly disappointed . From today onwards , this shall be my daily routine in addition to doing homework and basic stuff [ like blogging ! :D ]

  • Practice an hour of piano [Near impossible but I'll try ! If I don't , there's a very very very very very high chance that I will fail it , cos for Grade 8 piano , it really is very possible . It's the last grade so the standard is exceptionally high .]
  • Practice at least a page of Math questions [My math isn't failing , but it's near failing and that's not very good . UGH i hate numbers !]
  • Read up on Aristotle and a bit on another philosopher
Doesn't seem like a lot ? Yeah , I agree . But I don't have any motivation to move myself to do all these things at all , except for the last bullet , of course :D


loveeee ,
liyinnnnn .

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