Saturday, December 11, 2010

second post of the dayyyy (:
i guess i have nothing better to do yay .

so i went shopping just now ;D but didn't get anything because my purpose was to get something for christmas but nothing caught my eye D: man the only thing i want now is this hoodie .

it's like so darn cute (: but can't find it anywhere online for sale . not even usa or something D: it's really so funny . but who will actually zip it up all the way ? this is probably the only thing patrick has but spongebob doesn't because spongebob's square and the shape won't fit him wahaha .

or a michael jackson hoodie . but frankly michael jackson hoodies might be a little itty bitty scary . unless it's the silhouette of him only .

maybe i can get myself a HOODIE BUDDIE ;D go google it or something (: it's like this hoodie thingum and the drawstrings for the hoodie right , instead of it being normal strings , it's earpieces ;D and there's this plug in the pocket to plug in your music ;D but i would have to order it online and maybe it won't arrive by christmas ): but the designs are a bit plain and not cute at all D: it might look a bit weird putting the drawstrings into your ears . but it's cool ;D

sigh .
christmas christmas christmas ;D

love ,
liyin (:

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