Saturday, December 18, 2010

heyyyyy guys (:

so i added this number at the start of my post because i'm going to keep track of how many people actually visit my blog within posts BUT DON'T LEAVE A TAG . psssssssht . did your momma teach you to be so sneaky like a ninja ? i mean , ninjas are cool and really really awesome (think ninja melk or the ninja glare) but be a ninja at appropriate times . wahaha but i figured that i probably die of embarrassment if the number doesn't increase by my next post . so i'm going to scrape the idea . yep , so the chunk of words you have just read are useless and would not affect your life in anyway . sorry for wasting your time (: and sorry if i don't sound apologetic cos i'm not ;D man , i sound really mean but you read that paragraph on your own will . no one told you to (:

anyway , i'm constantly listening to THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVED by the script these days . it's on loop . even if i didn't put it on loop , the replay button would have broke . but of course , the song still has a long way till it catches up with the most frequently played song on my iTunes . it's -DUH- a song by my beloved michael jackson . anyway the reasons for my listening to the script's song is going to be undisclosed wahaha . don't you just love the feeling of suspense ? well , i sure do love making others feel suspicious about myself . but of course i don't want to be a suspect of some sort of crime . okay i'm not making sense . i'm just senselessly moving my fingers across the keyboard .

okay so i really want a ryan higa teehee hoodie badly . real badly . but i don't exactly trust online stores . but it's the official nigahiga store , so what could go wrong , right ? ;D i'm going to order it ! or should i wait for other designs ? :O because the current design isn't that appealing . it's probably just the novelty factor of this new ryan higa official merchandise that's drawing me in . sigh , should i make an impulsive buy ? okay wait it's not that impulsive anymore . i mean , i am actually contemplating about getting it . NEVERMIND . in any case , i stumbled upon this unofficial ryan higa stuff . it's quite weird . i mean , only a super obsessed person would get this . the cap's okay , but not the other one . it's really weird and just thinking about it makes me shiver . am i exaggerating ? i highly doubt it .

anyway (argh is there any other way to start a new paragraph?! i start it with either an "anyway" or an "okay" or something) the psixers will get to know which school they'll be going next year this tuesday ? is that exciting or what ? (: okay wait i just realised it doesn't actually concern me , but i just had a flashback of sorts . i mean , it'll probably be a life-changing moment for some .

okay i haven't been too productive this holiday and i'm starting to regret it . what if i get back to school and everyone's like a pro person and i'll be lost and they'll be talking all cheem and i won't be able to understand them and i'll be like an idiot super lost in a world of my own and i'll fail all my tests and then i will be eventually kicked out of rgs ): sad face much ): something tells me that's going to become a reality . i'm really really scared . LAST TWO WEEKS = MUGGER MOOD . it's better late than never , right ? (:

enough of self reflections .
kay thanks bye (:

love ,

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