Tuesday, December 28, 2010

arrrgh .

what the heck . it's the twentyeighth already . darn fast . i hate life . school is starting . ugh .
okay nevermind shall not eleborate . yesterday went for cip at xishan ! ;D it's super cool , me and christina wanted to meet on the mrt , then we were at the exact same carriage (: coolness much .

anyway , after cip , went to junction eight with christina . we got KOI bubble tea . i got the hazelnut milk tea and i got the large one and was freaking regretful of my decision .

KOI isn't that fantastic . i think its quite lousy . but the good thing is that they have super a lot of pearls (:

random picture of a bear on a christmas tree in j8 . i could have stole the bear wahaha ;D

ugh , i wanted to get my michael jackson cd , but christina had to go home , psssssht . so i went home too (:

okaythanksbye (:
liyin .

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