Friday, December 10, 2010

hey (:

so went for this cip thingum at orchard central to raise funds for MDAS - muscular dystrophy association and i assume you know what S stands for . so basically we had to sell stuff . which was really cool . really . okay anyway i'm not gonna elaborate cos i'm feeling quite sad . but thanks to CHERYL , a sec two senior that i got to know better today , she made my day so much better ;D

anyway i'm sad because we should've talked . and not act like strangers . because it makes everything so weird . oh wells , what can i do ? i've been so stupid already . sigh . nevermind i guess . we have never really talked properly last time anyway .

i'm thinking of last year after the encounter today . last year was the year of epicness and primary school life was really the win . i've grown and matured so much but i really don't want to grow up . now , at this point of my life , i really understand how peter pan or michael jackson felt . when you are young , you are really free of troubles , you have that childlike innocence , the purity and everything . life was just perfect in primary school . you understand stuff , you encounter little complications and stuff that won't affect you . as you grow older , you encounter larger problems and have to make relatively important life-affecting decisions .


freaking sense of nostalgia .
primary five and six is currently best period of my short thirteen years of life . it's just amazing .

now why am i even thinking about all these ? they have passed , i am only left with memories . wonderful memories that i hope i will keep forever .

go drop by orchard central anytime till sunday kay ? ;D support the people with muscular dystrophy . phew , luring people to go take a look at the stuff with my mouth was overall a brand new and really cool experience . i can't imagine people working as salespersons . i was like really tired just after six hours into the " job " . we had to speak really fast because we had to get to the phrase " muscular dystrophy " because that's when people really pay attention . WAHAHA CHERYL IS DAMN GOOD AT TALKING HEH . i'm really fail . LOL but we got told off by a shopkeeper from another pushcart thingum saying we were stealing her business and told us to keep to our "territory" . okay she didn't really say that but that's the gist .

okay truthfully i really enjoyed today . but it's still really sad ):

oh whatever -.-

love ,
liyin ;D

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