Monday, December 13, 2010

hi folks ! ;D
man i'm the worst g8 piano player ever ): sad face .

anyway , today's monday ! (: went back to school . supposed to meet the other waddle creative arts directors at eight thirty but i was an hour early because my dad sent me (:
so i waited for an hour . then we went to the house cupboards there and it's like super epic . and ohmygosh you know tarbet's banner is like done already . PROMAX . then nikki and annabelle came (:

then we WHITEWASHED our banner (: the worst experience ever . LOL we ran out of white paint ): so we went for lunch at far east (Y) where i saw DAWN (: before heading to ajunied to get the paint . wahaha it's like a warehouse like that . i didn't realise there were stores like that . so long , spotlight ;D

then we completed whitewashing ! (: awesomeness . imma going back everyday this week i think . to complete the banner . WE CAN DO THIS YAY ;D

my arm is training . painting is really good training . muscles , here i come wahaha . ohoh and carrying paint is a torture . especially the five litres ones .

kaythanksbye (:


oh yeah i stumbled upon this youtube artiste , brett domino , which is actually the alter ego of rob j madin . i think he's really talented ;DD but he lacks a bit in the looks department though :X

BUTBUT MICHAEL JACKSON MEDLEY ! WHOOOOO . i think this instrument is like damn cool . cross between a keyboard and a guitar (:

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