Wednesday, December 29, 2010

helllllooooooooo (:

reading my past msn conversations dating back to 2008 is thoroughly enjoyable . yes , i actually save my convos ( actually i didn't know i was saving them and i just stumbled upon a file called " my chat logs " while tidying my files up . seriously , i can see how i matured . from

in 2008 . yes , i was super immature you know ! ;D so many emoticons , and my name was actually " Princess Yap " okay . beat that . i don't actually know what i'm writing D:

then 2009 , i was like trying to be cool or something ? i added unnecessary letters to my words and it was total retardedness . it's really cute reading it .

2010 ? pure matureness ! wahaha . okay , just kidding . but much more matured than before . it's really cool (: one should always save their convos heh ;D

the cutest convos are those with boys . uh " cute " as in , the ones that make me smile / laugh the most . and i was a super coward . i actually rejected two guys online . doing it online is the most cowardly act . but anyway i can actually save it so it's super funny reading it ! ;D okay am i being stupid saying it's funny ? heh , last time i was like a little kid and the feelings were like all fake . okay not fake , but it isn't that real or true or something .

hmm , the longest convo i had was probably with emily and / or ongqige . its very cute wahaha ;D

okay anyway i just finished cooking dinner with my brother ! ;D it was quite awesome but i'm feeling quite oily and sticky now .

kaythanksbye ;D
love ,
liyin .

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