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so i'm set on getting the michael jackson album , whether or not its his voice . i mean , even though he did not approve of it , i'm pretty sure he wrote the songs and it's his hard work . it's the least i can do to show my support of him and to celebrate his life . contemplating about buying the album made be listen to more of his songs , to think about his terribly wronged accusations . i feel really unjustified for him . it's just so so unfair to him . i'm gonna rip an article i wrote that i posted on my tumblr two months ago . click the link if you would like to see it in it's original tumblr form . anyway , it might seem a bit random because it's not his death anniversary or birthday or anything but there need not be an occasion to think about someone you respect . if you think about him only on special days , it's not that real anymore .

- start of article (:

michael jackson had already passed away .

he had passed away last year , on june twenty fifth . but why is it that there are still so many people hating him ? or laughing about him ? yes , everyone has haters , but i do not feel justified about the false claims they make about michael jackson . it is hateful and hurting . he is already gone , so why still post such horrible comments on random youtube videos relating to him or any other place where they can post rude stuff . get a life , please .

i want to address some issues here . it won’t actually do much , but i would feel better and justified . if you think i’m wasting my time , i don’t think so . and i like what i’m doing .

they say he bleached his skin , because he didn’t like himself being a black american . i have been hearing this answer ever since i was young , even my parents told me that . i was also one who thought him as ” wacko jacko ” . but no . he was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus , which made his skin sensitive to sunlight , and causes his skin to have pale blotches . so yes , he did bleach his skin as it was the only colour to even out his skin tone , but it was for a good reason .

i have a skin disorder that destroys the pigmentation of my skin , it’s something that i cannot help , ok ?

next , random tabloid news stating that he sleeps in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to slow down the aging process . so what if he sleeps in such a chamber ? does that make him weirder than all of us ? michael jackson’s desire to stay as a child is known and it is not a crime to do so . also , tabloid news are not all true .

why not just tell people I’m an alien from Mars . tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight . they’ll believe anythingyou say , because you’re a reporter . but if i , Michael Jackson , were to say , ” I’m an alien from Mars and i eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight , ” people would say , ” oh , man , that Michael Jackson is nuts . he’s cracked up . you can’t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth . “

why do people choose to believe tabloid news or reporters ? why do they even gain ? i don’t see the point of it .

michael jackson’s plastic face ? so what if he has gone under the knife several times ? many artistes have undergone surgery but it wasn’t blown up . as an entertainer , it is important to maintain a good appearance for visual appeal to the audience . plastic surgery is an opinion which many entertainers choose . this is quite common in such an industry . also , michael jackson grew up getting abused by his father , both physically and verbally . he often said that michael jackson had a fat nose . growing up with this , michael jackson would definitely be affected and this probably also contributed to him being conscious of his appearance . if you were in his shoes , i’m sure you will also be as conscious .

now , what about michael jackson’s child sexual abuse allegations ? well , for that , i can’t prove anything but in the end , michael jackson was always proclaimed as ” not guilty ” with no charges filed , so what more can i say ? it has proven itself . however , imagine all the bad publicity michael jackson garnered . how was he to recover ? he is human being like any one of us . he is indeed a survivor .

before i would hurt a child , i would slit my wrists .

michael jackson is a singer and an amazing entertainer . but why must people dig into his personal life ? do they have nothing better to do ? why don’t they just focus on what he was out to do ? his music , dance moves , or maybe even his charity work ?

through his music , you can tell that michael jackson is really a very kind person . take his songs ” heal the world ” , ” earth song ” , ” man in the mirror ” and many others . the meanings of the songs are strong and it truly shows what a great man he is . he’s music is really very good , it’s evergreen . his dance moves are also just as awesome . think themoonwalk . and it’s only one of the iconic moves he has . his style is superb and the way he catches his audience’s attention with his style , he is definitely the king of pop .

and his charity work is amazing . he loves to gives and he gives to help . just citing one example . once while shooting an ad , the people accidentally burned michael jackson’s hair . they settled it out of court , giving michael jackson 1.5million dollars . michael jackson donated the settlement to the brotman medical centre .

these are just a few examples of his extraordinary deeds and acts of kindness . michael jackson is truly a man worth admiring . though he has passed away , his legacy still lives on .

so , instead of focusing on his bad points , why not just look at his good ones ? they already more than enough make up for the flaws he has .

i’m never pleased with anything , i’m a perfectionist , it’s part of who i am .

michael jackson , ♥ from yap li yin (:

- end of article (:

if you guys are more influenced by famous people , here's kevjumba's take on michael jackson . some points are repeated , but that's because these were the things mj was wronged for .

so , is your perception of the "monster" changed ? it better be .
if it isn't , so be it .

but you cannot deny that michael jackson is a great entertainer (:

loads of love ,
liyin (:


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