Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Failure .
I'm scared of failure . I'm very very very afraid of failing /: Really .
I definitely can't take it . I'm really really unsure of my feelings right now , and well , the above picture has the perfect colour . It's what's making me worried .
I really really can't take failure , ohmygosh I have always succeeded since I was born , I have always been outstanding , perhaps not academically , but in terms of the thing I'm talking about now , I've usually got what I wanted .

Now ? I'm not exactly sure . RGS is a really big school , with really talented people all around and I don't feel as confident as I usually am . Oh my goodness , no I shall not bow down to anxiety and stress . I shall end with a cheesy quote everyone probably knows but I shall make it work . I shall not be a failure .

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