Monday, July 25, 2011

The world is such a frightening place .
I am very afraid . I'm serious .

I don't know , some things which I did not want to happen , happened .
Some things which I didn't believe would happen , happened . And I am still not convinced that it actually did happen . Because it's too scary and it's difficult for me to face it .
Stuff I never knew would happen .

The world is seriously such a frightening place . I try not to believe that it happened , I try to think that I'm just assuming things but , I don't know . It's so scary and it's just ... really quite sad . I'm very disappointed and upset that all these must occur .

It doesn't really affect me much but it's just really scary and I hope that you won't do this anymore but I hope that you would realize what you've done wrong . I'm very disappointed .

So there .

On a lighter note , school was awesome today . If laughter was a day , toady would be the day .

I woke up today thinking that it would be a typical "get up . survive . go back to bed" kind of day . I was , of course , not looking forward to it and wanted to slump right back into bed . After all , I wouldn't gain much through the day with this sort of mindset . But , of course I couldn't .

Therefore , Li Yin lugged her schoolbag to school and was not as early as usual because Dad took a long time to get ready . This pissed her off majorly . What a bad start to the girl's day .

okay wait . why is it from a third person point of view ? ._.

Okay anyway , I got to school and to my utter horror , there wasn't Lit , but we still had to hand up the Lit Romeo & Juliet FA we had . Ohgoodness . What am I going to do ? OX

okay shoot . why am i boring you with the minor details of my life ? ._.

But anyway , the rest of my day was quite awesome . I was laughing the whole day . It was just really crazy and everyone was high , as if on drugs but it was really crazy and fun . Everyone's faces turned red and what a sight it was . It was super fun and exciting . Okay , not exciting but I think I've extended my life for a few more years :D They say laughing is good for one's health !

So , it was super fun during Science today . We're doing CSI right now , after all the PhyChemBio & SIP crap for one and a half years , it's now awesomeness . Our new teacher's really weird and strange but still cool and extremely nice ! He doesn't ever get mad at us . I'm not sure if its because of the different teaching methods in a JC or that he has a very high threshold level for noise .

Anyway , we were trying to figure out who the criminal was and which numbers of the "cheque" was fake / added in and it was so funny cos Valerie was going on and on about how the issuer of the cheque was so retarded and stupid because he left a big blank in the cheque for the criminal to meddle with and add more numbers . Our teacher was standing there with us , by the way , to find out our verdict and I think Jie Lin and I were already laughing because of Valerie's comical expressions and stuff . Then our teacher started laughing really hard and it was seriously super funny . He was like " it was me ! " and it was just strange and very sudden . Jie Lin and I just starred at each other and started laughing ! It was just so funny and I was so high .

Our CSI teacher's really weird during lab lessons . He becomes this changed person and acts kind of differently but it's really entertaining and CSI lessons are the love (:

Okay I shall end here . I'm so boring . But today , I laughed a lot . It was exciting .

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