Saturday, July 30, 2011

yes , this looks beautiful , it looks delicious , it looks tempting .
look at the vanilla ice cream , dripped with what looks like strawberry jam . the ice cream is twirled into a swirl . it looks mouth watering .

But that spiral like shape which the ice cream is in , is what my mind looked like .
It's what my mind looked like on the 26th of july .
The strawberry sauce are the added problems .
Confused , in a whirl , unclear . Yet still looks happy and pleasant all the same .

It was Guides Striping .
It was emotional , it was unclear .
It was nerve wreaking , it was life-changing .
Wasn't life-changing , but impactful all the same .

got the position of QM ,
it was quite shocking , and thoroughly unexpected .
but it's a new post for me , i'm stepping up . my batch is stepping up to new roles .
this requires me to go to bishan quite regularly . about once a month ? but i live pretty near there so i'm not complaining !

michelle and kimtan got transferred out of mynah D:
when kim was being called forward as PL of another patrol , i almost cried . it was terrible , i loved her company and awesomeness in our patrol ! but i couldn't move , cos i was fallen in and didn't want to fall out cos I wouldn't be able to stop my emotions for getting the better of me then .
then , michelle was called forward as PS of another patrol and i was super shocked . cos i thought that since i was QTS , she would still stay as PS of our patrol ! ): but it wasn't the case . when she walked back , i couldn't take it anymore . but i didn't want to fall out cos like i said earlier , i would not be able to stop crying . so i let the tears flow out as i stood there . I saw chunhui looking at our reactions . it was super emotional and i was quite upset for a moment .

michelle ; i love you !
you're one of the first few people i met in Guides . being in 03 mynah with you was truly a wonderful experience ! :D you're my laughing buddy , i don't think anyone , anyone , can match up to both of us bursting into random fits of laughter and being really crazy together ! " i see you got the domos , nice choice ! " you're so so so so so awesome ! it'll be really much quieter without you breaking the silence during patrol corners and your absence will definitely be felt )': but , we're still in guides (:

B11ATCH was leaving .
not from guiding , but from attending sessions .
they would definitely still be here in spirit :D i love this batch of seniors , they'r super duper bonded and i think they have truly been real role models for our batch :D we'll miss you so much . really (: do pop by once in a while !

13ATCH loves B11ATCH so much !

okay it's late . i shall blog tomorrow :D
it will be on campaigning as well as aop (:

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