Friday, July 22, 2011

Okay , no I'm not love sick . The first line is right , but the second line is not very appropriate right now .

Anyway yes , I'm back to blogging because its Friday today and I have two more days to complete whatever crap that's due on Monday so I thought , why not ?
And I was encouraged (or rather , pestered heeheee) by WONGWONG , also know as urm christina hahah to update my blog . Hoho during guides session she was complaining that I had only one line as my blogpost yesterday . Well , it was three lines dear ! (: I need a dictionary , you need a calculator :D

And yes , there have been so many things that happened recently and it be a pity not to blog them down as keepsake . I mean , I'm really afraid that I'd forget everything one day , so at least I will have this blog and it would be really interesting to look back when I'm older .

So , right now , I'm currently in the middle of campaigning period . It has been super exciting planning for all these and I really want to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another . I think its really cool that so many people are commenting that they see my face everywhere around school . Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing but any publicity is good for this sort of thing , I guess .

It has been really fun and enjoyable designing posters , stickers , and thinking of various ways to win the hearts of the waddlians (: I couldn't have done this without the support that I have been receiving and I'm truly very touched . So , I had like class visits to the sec one classes which was pretty warm . They were all quite welcoming and surprisingly not as awkward as I expected . I guess most of them were listening to me , probably attracted by my yellow polka dotted umbrellas so thank you 101 , 106 and 111 ! (: one eleven especially , you guys have been so supportive of me since house pract times and making me feel so welcome . I have grown to know you guys as friends and I hope that this can continue and that I would be able to do this with all the classes and those that will be coming in next year ;D

This campaigning period has made me feel so loved and this experience was something I have never experienced before so I'm glad that I was given this chance . But there has been some sort of unpleasant moments that are rather frightening and perhaps I'm just being judgmental . Anyway , 5 more days , including the weekends till the end of campaigning and /glups/ e-voting ! D: Okay , JIAYOU to all candidates k (:

K anyway , CSI has been super fun and the science teacher's pretty cool unlike when he mentored us for SIP and I thought he was just super strange . I really can't wait to start on the CSI movie (:

Philosophy today was strangely awkward . It was on the topic of ethics and we had to look at scenarios and stuff . I had so much to say , like on the theories of Utilitarianism & Consequentialism but then I realized that I only knew the theories but I did not have my own point of view which didn't really help so I was just quite confused about everything . COI next week , I can't wait for it .

Right, short update .
I am so cool 8D

Not a very substantial post on cool stuff , just random blabbers on my life but yeah , I'm busy and lazy hoho :3

ohyeah and thanks so much guys for supporting me through my tagbox :DD Ragini , :D , Christina (:

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