Thursday, July 14, 2011

300th post . Dedicated to Harry Potter (:

Right , so today's the official Singapore release date for the last installment of the Potter movie series , Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 and of course , I went to catch it after school , with Waddle House ! (:

Harry Potter has kind of grew up with me , although I wouldn't call myself a true Potter fan , I am not a complete idiot to Potter stuff . I must admit , I definitely preferred it when everyone was young and innocent , when JK Rowling's plots don't circle around too much evil but that of Hogwarts and cuter stuff . Although that might not appeal to those who grow together with Potter , as their thoughts grow and mature , it's still quite sad that Harry Potter has kind of evolved from those cuter mystery-magical stories to gory , bloody , death-themed plots . Nevertheless , Harry Potter has grew up with all of us , especially my generation and it is definitely a MUST to catch the movie . What better day than on the release date itself ? It's even earlier than US :D

I was , however quite disappointed with what the movie was like , I don't know . I didn't feel any nostalgia or stuff like that . Perhaps because it's too far off from what I used to watch . Yeah , the only part that I could link with was the short part in which they had a flashback to when Harry was put under the sorting hat . It was so cute , they were all so innocent , it was all so happy .
But oh well , it's over .
Goodbye Potter , I will miss you .

Anyway , I'm running for Waddle Vice Captain ! :D
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Thanks ! :DD

Oh yeah , Geography & Math is over . Math was really horrible . Really . Shan't brood on it .

And the RI Philosophy dialogue was last Saturday ! (: It's was quite fun and enriching :D

k i'm so tired D:

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