Thursday, April 8, 2010

tralalala (:
today was okay , even though it was thursday , which was the worse day of the week . there was this super EPIC incident . okay , here goes:

hui min was fiddling with her broken name tag and then we were talking about liu qian [LOVE:D ]
then she was bad mouthing him . suddenly , her name tag disappeared . i dunnoe why or how it disappeared . then i told her : it must be liu qian . he can hear u ... she still thought it was me & gillian's evil plan .  then after that , she decided to talk good stuff about him . and... 

见证奇迹的时刻 ... 

WHALA ! :D hui min found her name tag . is this crazy or what. OBVIOUSLY , liu qian is powerful (: 

haha , just finished talking to ian poy . emily's convo window's still open , but not very active . 
i was like bored , then talk to him until WHOA , so much . i've become sicker ): so sad . haha , I WANT MY INNOCENCE BACK D: anw , thanks to them for supplying ideas for my art & design project . even though emily might not know she helped me . cos i just asked her to name me a fruit :D 

currently listening to ; BOOM BOOM POW by BEP 

xoxo , 

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