Thursday, April 1, 2010

alright , it's another aprils fool day post but the previous one was about yesterday . this post is about today . 

was home alone , and decided to do homework . 
did i tell u guys that when i do homework , mug , study , etc , i will EAT LIKE CRAZY ?! hahas , so yes , today i experimented with food while doing my dear algebra math worksheet . 

my mother bought exceptionally sour grapes , so decided to heed Rain's [she's a person] advice & froze them in the freezer .

this was the end result . grapes with a layer of ice . cos i added water (: ahahaha . 

this is a grape (: with a shield of ice . 

anyway , the grapes became sweet ! okay , not sweet ... but they were not sour anymore ! probably cos the coldness hid the sourness . 

then , i scanned stuff for zixian which took me a freaking long time ... hotmail & gmail turned their back on me . but i realised that it ain't their fault ... it was actually ... 

this scanner's fault . it looked big and cool . but it ain't very good as it made the file too big to send . it's little brother , another scanner , was much better cos the file size was smaller and was able to send through hotmail . maybe the size of the scanner is proportionate to the file size . oh well . 

then i became crazy with food . 
i smashed one chocolate energy biscuit , added a few drops of condensed milk , added a teaspoon of peach tea , added 2 pieces of koko krunch , added some blackcurrant syrup .  & i got a spoonful of this: 

i dumped the whole spoonful into my mouth bravely . 
it tasted ... alright , i guess . surprisingly , the peach tea tasted the strongest , even though the mixture was brown ...

haha , this blog is turning to become some "food" blog .. yesterday i was commenting about my school's cafe . and now this ... hmm , it shows that i'm eating too much . i shall do some chin ups now with the chin up bar installed outside my room meant for my brother . seriously , i can't even do inclined pull ups properly , needless to say , a chin up ? but i shall try . usually , i just hang there like some weird person . but i can't really reach it anyway .  if i can't i shall skip . 

hey , i'm back . 
obviously , i went to skip cos i was like , hanging on the chin up bar which is weird . 
phew . tired . but anyway , i shall continue having my "food" post since exercise ain't for me . 

i made this ! it was delicious , i tell u  :D there's a couple of koko krunch at the bottom , and i scooped some blueberry ripple vanilla ice cream & topped it with chicken . whoops , i mean , condensed milk and blackcurrant syrup . boy , wasn't it fantastic ! (: u guys should try it out someday . 

top view ! ahahaha , i vow not to eat any other sweet stuff from now till dinner time :D & after dinner till sleeping time (: 

xoxo , 

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