Saturday, April 17, 2010

blahblahbackshit . 

didn't go for ORA today ): sad much . 
missed out on all the fun , oh well .

OH YA , the most stupid thing happened to me yesterday . I LOST MY GUIDES UNIFORM ! D: i think i left it near the guides table . im appealing for witness ): bleah . 

anw , advertisements in newspapers have gone up to a whole new level ! i was flipping through yesterday's [1604'10] edition of TODAY and oh , gawd . the craziest advert i have ever seen popped up in front of me . when i say POPPED UP , i mean POPPED UP 

can u see it ? it's not a picture , it's like 3D , which is what they are selling , 3D tvs . 

is it clearer now ? it's like those pop-up books i used to read when i was young . haha , it's in the middle of the TODAY newspaper yesterday . super cool . it's 3 layers . bet they paid a lot for this ad. 

and coincidentally , when i was surfing the net , i saw this advert : 

the LED TV one (: haha , super cute or what ?

anyway , im addicted to NIGAHIGA , or rather , ryan higa :D LOL . 
but i cant seem to download his vids into my phone): at first , i could , but then i deleted the vid accidentally and i forgot how i did it in the first place . HELP ME ! ~ 

xoxo , 
yapliyin . 

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