Friday, April 23, 2010

okay , i haven't been posting much ...
so , this week was pretty alright ? 


met emily on 132 again ... she bought bubbletea for me ? but erm... the cup was rather.. low quality ;DD so it broke , and well ... bubbletea came spilling out D: but at least emily had requested for a plastic bag , so i drank from the plastic bag ? haha . i got emily a mocha breeze & nachos and cheese / teehee . 

oh , during the whole time in class , i was sneezing like crazy . especially during chem lesson , where it was so quiet , and then "achooooooo!" bah . how embarrassing . 

stayed at home as i was really unwell - a flu , a cough , a sore throat & a fever of 39.1 degrees D:
but after that it became better ;DD but of course , there's LOADS of homework to catch up on thursday... ): 

went to school , nothing really happened , i guess (: well , no news is good news ;DD

hmmm , so this was the more "exciting" day ? school hours weren't exciting . but i stayed back after school for a while to play a bit . jie lin , why did u go home so early ? LOL . we were talking about the ghost story of the squash toilet with the 3rd language people and then i went to the toilet at the back of J block with zixian . i came out of the cubicle earlier than her , and of course , washed my hands ! i pressed the tap and water came out . then i waited for her while the tap was still running . when  the button eventually came up and water stopped flowing out , i saw the button go down again ! :O and water came out again , and i DID NOT touch the tap a second time ! i was damn freaked out . 
but i decided not to think about it anymore . then me and zixian went to take 132 home and saw deborah there . then we sat there and chatted . 

then this random lower sec [judging from his shorts & height] RI boy approached and asked "can u help me do this survey?" erm... okay... so i did it . its about stress level and all that .. maybe it's for his research education . HAHA . i realised that i'm actually quite free cos there were questions like , "do u have tuition" which i responded "no" . and many others like "how long on average is ur CCA per week?" and i answered "3-4 hours" cos my cca is pretty slack . then the bus came just as i was fililng up the last question . so i just shoved the whole clip board into the guy's face ;DD he probably muttered "thanks" . then from the second deck of the bus , i saw him walking towards the road ? which was a big main road . he didn't have a bag or anything and i thought that was pretty weird . and why didn't he ask other girls at the bus stop to do his survey as well ? the more the merrier , isn't it ?

anyway , that wasn't all . me , zixian and deborah went up and found a wallet and a pack of cigarettes . the wallet didn't contain any cash , but it had some IDs in it , so we decided to go down and pass it to the bus driver . haha , we did a good deed yesterday ! actually i did two , i mean , i did help that RI guy complete the survey ... teehee . 

today is saturday ... HOMEWORK >< 

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