Monday, April 26, 2010

okay , today is monday , EMILY DAY ! ;DD haha
on the 132 bus when going to meet emily , there was this really strange SJI boy sitting in front of me . he keep on turning back , then i was like , WTH ? can u stop it , man ? but of course , i never say it larh . did he find me familiar or what ? keep on turning back , very irritating and distracting , okay ? anyway , moving on . 
so , met emily at amk today . i alighted from the bus and went to the mrt cos i wanted to top up ez-link cos the new sec school card marh , so i haven't apply for GIRO yet . haiz , super troublesome . 
anyway , went and saw her ! ;DD she gave me a ring with the letter 'Y' on it . thanks much ! (: then she helped me buy STICKY ! [haha , it's $3.90] i requested for PANDA ones . but not cute de , they looked very 'DIAO' , and had some pissed and 不爽 look . but pretty delicious . 

then emily wanted to go to the toilet . she wanted to go to the toilet at AMK hub . [haiz , just an excuse to spend time with me ... teehee] so we walked there . and i saw mcdonalds , so i bought 2 oreo mcflurries ! ;DD one for each of us . i'm so kind , yeah ? ;DD hahahaha . then we walked back to the bus stop and SOO MANY BUSES which i could take passed by us , but emily don't let me take . then , 165 came , so we took it . on the bus , i tried emily's cookies . the ones she baked . erm... if u told me they were pork floss cookies , then they tasted delicious . but they were actually chocolate flavoured . so , erm ... hahahaha . 

anyway , pictures next time ! lazy now . 
i shall chiong my Speech & Drama script ): 

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