Monday, April 5, 2010

today is a day for FANTASTIC happenings (: 
wait , not everything was fantastic . i can't upload pictures from my phone to the computer ! D: bleah . but that can't spoil my mood now . COMPUTER , haha , u failed to make my moody ;P FAIL larh u . 

anyway , i am listening to youtube videos now . YES , i'm listening ! that means , my computer can play sound now ! i'm freaking happy , okay ? you don't know how bad living without sound from the computer can be . no words can describe this feeling of pure bliss & happiness (: & i'm not overdoing my description . i'm feeling TOTALLY or even happier than this. & i'm not using my bro's com (: that rocks (: the solution to the muted com for months ? a USB sound adapter . i didn't know there's such a thing :D but now i know (: oh yeah . i took a picture of it , MY SAVIOUR , to post here , but as u know , i can't seem to upload the picture into my com . but rest assured , i will , as that small device needs to be given the respect and thanks it deserves for bringing back sound to my techie life (:  

okay , but if any of u guys don't know what a USB sound adapter is , here is a picture i ripped from YAHOOOOOO ! :D 

mine's black . so it looks cooler (: & mine has buttons on it 

the amazing symbol is the volume control symbol :D 

the next fantastic thing ? 
i quitted my 3rd language -japanese ! that's not very responsible for me . call me 半途而废 , give up easily , but I DON'T CARE . i know what's right for me & what's wrong . quitting will do me good , trust me . no more memorizing dictation during class . no more skip-a-heartbeat moments when i try to catch up during japanese lessons & teacher calls upon me . but i really like the teacher , he's damn kind , okay .  today he gave us 15+5 more minutes for break , cos he knew we were tired from the CA [unlike my previous jap teacher who didn't give us break at al] speaking of the CA , i thought it was manageable . like what angelia says on my facebook status , it's probably beacuse i wasn't as stressed out as i was quitting already , so i didn't feel as much pressure to cramp everything in my brain which always fails . 

& to those who wanted me to give hints to them , i'm sorry but strict rules of MOELC , & we're really told not to leak them cos we're the first class to take the test . all i can say is that , as long as u memorize all the stuff in chapters 1-4 , u'll do fine [okay , that's as good as not giving any hints at all , but ya ...] oh , and the listening compre isn't as bad as in class practices . 

OHOH , & i tried MOCHA BREEZE with WHIPPED CREAM TODAY :D from the cafe . damn nice , okay ? & cos of the caffeine content , i was like , wide awake during the lessons after recess . but i feel so sad for the canteen vendors , so i patronized them for lunch (: ahahaha . 

and for PE today , we had to run 1.6km , which is the pri school NAPFA distance . surprisingly , i did not feel as tired as i was during pri school NAPFA tests . last time my whole face would go red , my whole body would sweat like crazy , & i would develop red spots on my body . now i don't [but touch wood larh] . heehee ><

i shall attempt to do homework :D 
no , wait . actually i completed already :D haha . anyway , i wanna join Art IHG :D but i don't know what to draw , the theme is CONGESTED . eh ? 

xoxo , 

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