Friday, April 2, 2010

this is KFC's new double down sandwich i found from the internet. it will be released soon i think? but maybe not in Singapore. but goodness me ! 

instead of bread , they use 2 big pieces of fried chicken breast ! like , WTH D: 
then , it's so fattening , they have big pieces of bacon in between. & cheese . if they were sandwiched between bread , it would be nice . but , it's chicken ! OMG . according to reports , u might die when u eat this . LOL , crazy . 

listening to WE ARE THE WORLD for the hundredth time . i can probably remember the lyrics & who actually sang which part. 

The worst part is the start ! ugh . justin bieber  D: bleah . 
why must he start such a fantastic song ? 

bah , 


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