Saturday, June 18, 2011

I promised that I would update on streetsales , but only after Friday's streetsales were done .
I'm not sure who I was promising to since no one really reads my blog but I'm glad I made that promise .
Friday's streetsales were so much better than Monday's . I'm glad I didn't choose to stay at home and slack just because Monday's streetsales scarred me . For life .
I got a second chance to try and prove myself that I wasn't all that socially awkward (: I'm glad I utilized it . I don't feel that much of a failure anymore .

I don't feel like elaborating about Monday's streetsales but I was just really nervous and didn't dare to approach anyone . What was wrong with me ? Ugh , it's not like people would remember my face and go "ooh , that's the girl who asked me to get badges and I REJECTED HER IN HER FACE " . No one would do that but luckily I was in Bishan and there were many RI guys and they made up all my sales apart from a mother and her daughter , because I just felt more comfortable approaching them and they didn't seem to know how to reject :D

Angelia , Huimin , Joyce and I thought that Bishan was really horrid but boy , wait till we went to other places . Which we did , of course . We went to Ang Mo Kio and Somerset and it was just a waste of our energy and time travelling .

It was really tiring but I mean , it's for charity . It's for the kids in Melrose Children's Home . It's for a good course . We HAD to do it . No matter how difficult it was . I didn't actually reach my target on Monday , which was really bad and I vowed to reach the target on Friday ! It was a second chance for me and I had to grab this opportunity :D

Friday was awesome , Valerie , Jielin and I went to Bishan since it was the tried-and-tested area for "good" sales .

We started off really really well and we even sold extras so that we could have like an uninterrupted lunch which was really good :D and then after lunch , jielin's guitar friend from RI whom she doesn't really know actually came and bought three badges . At that point of time , we thought he was really kind already .

Then , he came back with a bag of chips and then started teaching us how to sell the badges well . Which was pretty effective but the point is , we didn't have such linguistic abilities . Oh well . We still managed to sell a considerable amount I guess .

I was really really proud of ourselves , I didn't think that hitting the target was possible for a person like me but it actually was ! You know what's wrong with me ? I just can't seem to avoid "picking" my customers ? Like I think that a certain kind of people would definitely NOT donate and kind of steer away from them but that just made me lose potentials .

Ugh , it's too late into the night and I can't seem to think properly , this post seems really really nonsensical and thoroughly lame . I'm so embarrassed but oh whatever . As long as I've covered what I had intended to cover , I guess it's good enough . Ohmy I feel like a freak .

All in all , streetsales were pretty good . I made a new friend on both days ! Joyce and Justin . And I did my part for charity . Y'know I really hate how I do things for CIP hours and not genuinely for charity . But whatever .

My Guides batch went out on Thursday but I was unwell on Wednesday therefore I wasn't allowed to go even though I had already recovered ! ): But they had fun , judging from their photos , so I'm really happy and I love you guys :D

Oh yeah , and I made pancakes on Thursday night as well ! They turned our pretty good I guess . Pancakes go really well with a scoop of ice cream on top . That's really the best way to eat your pancakes :D

I hate low quality pictures D: But hopefully this has captured the awesomeness of the pancake !
Ohmygosh seriously I think I'm super tired because I'm just babbling nonsensical stuff non-stop ):

argh .

love ,

sincere apologies for the lack of thoughts put into this post .
my state of mind is not very suitable for thinking .

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