Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Right now ?
Let's just say it's an askldjflaksjflkasf moment :D I'm really really excited . Today is the first day of June , yet another new month of a really exciting year . It's the June Hols , but all these excitement ain't going to stop . In fact , it's going to get better .
Although AA's over , Sports Fest is over , there's still a whole load of other things going on . There's still Guides elections , in which I have yet to start on my own write up . There's still Swim Carn and there's still another full semester which is going to be more exciting than the first . I can feel it .

In the short term , tomorrow's going to be a very exciting day by itself . In the morning I have some pretty uncertain but exciting thing in school , in which I am very nervous about , but I would just face it with a calm demeanor , and I truly hope that it would work to my advantage . However , I am positive that it would not affect me very badly if it doesn't go well tomorrow .

Afterwards , I'd be heading to Bishan Library to do some studying . Not the most exciting but it's going to be productive , I am going to make it a productive session and I am positive of that . I'm not going to be bothered by any form of distraction before my Math AA group arrives and we would do Math AA which would not be the most boring thing .

Then , we would be doing Service Learning at MDAS . This is something that would be a whole new experience for myself and I'm really looking forward to it although I am very very worried about the dangers that might happen tomorrow . I mean , yesterday when we were dealing with sodium hydroxide , it wasn't the most pleasant thing and the acid burns were really really painful . It's amazing [in a negative light] how such a small piece of acid can inflict such pain on my elbow . I am really nervous about letting the MDAS people work with acid . I mean , even our clumsy but cute group members were unable to handle it .

Oh man I'm so nervous but still really really excited about the whole new exposure . Tomorrow is going to be really tiring , but I would enjoy it , hopefully . I have been having really bad mood swings lately - sometimes I'm really happy and all and sometimes I'm dead pissed and everyone's got to watch out . I HAVE ACID AT MY HOUSE NOW . WATCH OUT OR I'LL THROW IT INTO YOUR FACE AND YOU WILL BE DISFIGURED . Yes , it's THAT deadly , it just takes effect when it comes to contact with little bitty of warmth from our body heat and it seriously burns your fingers .

But anyway , the real reason why I'm truly feeling really excited for is the presidential elections . As in , the national presidential elections . Yes , it's the same guy that's brewing my excitement for politics once more . Mr George Yeo :D Did anyone catch his latest facebook status ? Many , I presume , judging from the 2238 likes it has garnered . But if you missed it , this is it "Many Singaporeans from different walks of life, young and old, have asked me to reconsider my decision on the Presidency, some impassionately. Thinking hard about it and praying for wisdom.
" . It was the happiest thing that happened today . I was so happy when I saw it . I mean , he's reconsidering running for President ! I know I sound really shallow now but if he wins , above all the other contributions he would be able to make to Singapore , he's photograph would be everywhere ! :D We would see his face in all government buildings , including school halls . But anyway , having George Yeo represent Singapore as President would be something pretty suited for him .

On the issue of politics , I feel that PAP is truly making a change . They are really listening to the people and their views . I mean , recently Minister of Transport Lui Tuck Yew was spotted travelling on the MRT during the peak rush hour . And the media wasn't sent there to snap a picture of him , it was caught on camera but a fellow commuter . This shows how genuine it is and how keen they were eager to serve . I mean , everyone's been complaining about the crowds and asking Ministers to get out of their air-conditioned cars and try taking public transport in the rush hours . It was the hot topic for this year's GE and well , they HAVE responded and I sincerely hope that Singaporeans would remember these little things and vote wisely in 5 years time . Of course , I hope that PAP would keep up the good work .

I am a happy and contended AND EXCITED little kid for now .
love ,
liyin :D

pardon me for the lack of vocabulary in this post , but i'm really very excited . i tried looking up the thesaurus , but the words they proposed didn't seem right .

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