Sunday, June 19, 2011

In the blogpost that I posted yesterday , not the father's day one but the one on second chances , I talked about how second chances were meant to be used wisely !

This post MIGHT seem to contradict that one , but it isn't actually . That talks about grabbing second chances whereas this is about going back to the past . Right , I do realize I'm not making any sense but uh I think I'll sort out my thoughts as I go along .

So , look at the above picture . I suppose many people would love to stop when they make a mistake and go back to correct it . I mean , everyone always say that they would like to rewind time and like change whatever they've done in the past . Things that shouldn't have been done . But no , I personally believe that everything we do , was done for a reason .

Yeah , sometimes people make mistakes and I mean , who wouldn't want to go back and correct it ? Perhaps you wouldn't have lost a friend , or you wouldn't have been embarrassed . But , it happened for a reason . Something must have pushed you to commit whatever you have done . Going back to the past is out of the question . But , taking second chances is another matter .

Second chances are something that allows you to try to heal the wounds which you inflicted . You can't erase the memory , but you can lessen the pain of the incident . I guess that's a really awesome thing . That's why they are meant to be treasured and used wisely , just like what I said in my previous post .

But seriously what I had wanted to touch on was the topic of going back to the past . I like to link my posts to songs and this time it's Stupidass by George Watsky . I have always loved this guy for being such a cool person . He's someone I admire greatly and this song has been in my playlist since he first posted it on youtube . But today I went back and read the lyrics and completely agreed with it . Please do watch it , or at least search up the lyrics . There's a full version of the song in the description box but anyway this video might seem pornographic at the start , but it's censored so don't worry !

Yeah , basically from what my little mind can comprehend , this song is about like even though he could go back to the past , he'd still do everything all over again . And I completely agree with him , like even if you have been acting like / are a dumbass , what you did / have done matters a lot and you shouldn't change it even if you could go back .

I mean , we all live life for the experience and I think it's really funny why people would like to erase memories . Sure , we all do have regrets but learn from them ! Easy to say , difficult to put into practice . Ohwell . All of us got to try (:

These few days have been really tiring but exciting ohmygosh .
I am really tired .

love ,
liyin ! (:

haha christina i usually reply to anons cos i'm curious :D and besides , i tag back at your blog (: that's as good as replying muahah :D PANCAKES ARE (Y) BY THE WAY . and easy to make !

But actually , she raised quite a good point . I SHOULD reply to my tags in my blog posts ! I mean , perhaps that would be an incentive for people to tag . My blog views are increasing steadily but my tagbox is still dead . Apart from spamming and adverts .

Right , I should start replying to my tags in my blog posts starting from tomorrow (:

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