Thursday, June 23, 2011

happy 18th birthday , brother ! :D

You'd probably won't read this but it's okay .
It's not exactly for you to read either . It's for me to think and reflect .

Right , but I'm going to write this AS IF you're reading it . I didn't bother writing all these in the small card I did for you but that's just cos you'll read THAT . But whether you'll read this really depends whether you stalk me . Which I highly doubt so and hope not .

Here goes a super strange and weird letter that shouldn't have been written ;

Dear brother ,

It's the 23rd of june today [actually its 24th now but it's okay] 18 years ago on this day , I wasn't born yet , which is terribly unfortunate . BUT , you were coming out / were out not too long ago . You've grown to become this super annoying brother but YET super smart . It's so unfair how you got all the smart genes and left me with nothing . I used to think I was as smart as you but I highly doubt it nowadays . You make me feel horrible sometimes always . But it's okay because I've come to my senses that I would most probably live another four years after you are dead if our bodies play it fair and I would try to catch up with you in that four years . Anyway , you're super smart so make use of your talents ! Listen to the typical Asian parents beliefs for their children once in a while :D Oh and you're going to take A levels soon , so all the best ! You don't seem to be studying and I think we're all much more worried / nervous about you compared to yourself . JIAYOU and seriously don't last minute mug X: works sometimes , but not always D:

And after A levels , it would be NS super soon ! ): Much as I don't show it , I don't really enjoy your absence like when you go for camps etc . So I don't know how I would actually feel ! I guess when the time comes , I would know . Okay this is starting to become mindless blabbering . But yeah , at least I can take your shiny golden hat and you won't even know I took it :D I guess that's the only good point but yeah .

Anyway , you're 18 and coming of age . You can drink now , you still cannot smoke [right ? it's 21 if i'm not wrong] . You can take Papa's car out for a spin , AFTER you get your license though I doubt you're interested in that for now .

your awesome sister :D

they didn't write SIS ): but oh well , thanks for letting me take the oreo :D

Sigh .
we're all growing old . how sad .

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