Friday, October 30, 2009

todayy , im in a bad bad mood.
damn sad sia , bcos of smth , but i dun wanna say... its just tat , was i like? omg , neverminds lurh. over then over liaos lorhs , but i must say smth , like , its all in the name of fun... okayyes? 

i knoe most wont understand me derh , haiz... neverminds lorh. 
i oso dun wan any other ppl to understand , i just hope all will go well for the next few weeks. okayyes , then today ms kwek giv me the brownie consent form... for p6 farewell party(: budden it it crashes with many other things , so sad sia. dunnoe whether can go ornot.... sianz. *sigh. then alot alot of other things , dunwan say liaos , in a terrible mood mah.

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