vivocity outing

Saturday, October 17, 2009

okayyes, yesterday went to 6r7 girls outin to vivocity,! caught cloudy with a chance of meatballs in 3D! lols, quite nice... lets take a look at some photos we took.... or, i took with them.. 17 of us went, but i took only with some...

huang liyin & me! you can barely see us, cos i took the reflection only, hahas, anyways, im the one on the right and she's on the left... and the next 2 photos are basically me , huang and alina in the mrt....
okayyes, this one is me [middle], huang [left] & christi [right] at vivocity's water park there.... hahas, took a quick snap before playin in the water!! (:

me and christi! our legs already submerged into the water liaos, hahas, its cooling compared to the burning sun!

huang liyin posing for a picture! (:
wendy's turn... but she's rather annoyed cos huang keep on splashing water onto her pants.. hahas, its just harmless fun!
yay! 3 of us!
and ME! legs in water!hahas , 
christi's solo shot!
alrights, after tat we headed to arcade for some dancing games [proudly sponsored by huang liyin] hahas , then we watch movie... 3D, quite nice, meatballs came flying to us! then we headed home, i reached at bout 7.30 lidat. today went to bugis, alrights. buhbyes [feeling superr TIRED]

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