Sunday, October 25, 2009

todayy i went to the thai embassy for some , red-cross bazaar? had lunch there cos there was soo much food....(: eat until very full....

drank soup , eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream [cake batter(: ] , eat cotton candyyy [pink colour , so niceee] , and quite a lot more.... yummyy. then i went home lorhs... lols, like , DUH? then i watch T.V.... damn bored sia... watched the show 公主小妹 or smth like tat... quite nice lurh... but i think the show very outdated cos i watch on channel U , aiyah, mediacorp play those like , outdated  shows mah... lols , but still nice to watch..

ok, buh-byes. tomorrow, sch reopen liaos...(:

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