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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

todayy went to little india excursion with school. today was my class (6r7) , 6r2 and 6r5. but its go individually derh. then it was soo damn hot at the place... walao , seriously leh, like soo hot sia. then the sunlight was like , totally shining into my eyes... almost get heat stroke, lols.

went to the hindu temple , u knoe, the very popular one? like , alot of gods and goddess statues outside. it was my 1st time , had to take off the shoes. quite ok lurhs. then we walk walk walk and fill up that worksheet. if there was no worksheet then would be good lorh. cos its like , very troublesome to keep on writing when standing. i also cannot hear properly wat the guide was saying.... but anyways , the best part was the break. were give 35 min break at the Tekka market. newly renovated , so quite clean. at 1st , i bought an F&N grape to quench my thirst. then decided to buy a spring roll. budden i personally thought the spring roll tasted horrible after just one small bite , so i didnt eat it anymore.... lols. then me and emily damn hungry, so we bought a bowl of fishball soup (without noodles) together. lols. that's not all. after tat , when leaving , i saw my friend taking milo dinosaur. then ontop have like , rainbow rice... looks soo nice, so me and huang quickly rush to buy it. yum yum(:

u knoe, before the break , i was like damn frustrated. cos it was soo hot and i was veryy tired. but after the break , i was like , so refreshed and very energetic... hahas , and i also completed the worksheet. so i was like , drinking my dinosaur [lols] and walking about. oh ya , and cos it kinda rained when we were having our break  , it was like , so much cooler. hahas. then we board the bus and went back to school.

ms yeo was so nice , she let us go canteen first to maybe , have a drink and go to the toilet. but i did neither. so even though we arrived in sch at about 11.30pm , we were like , in class at about , 12? so its quite ok , my day today(: 

alrights . that's all for today
pictures for the little india next time.
today very lazy:P

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