Saturday, September 19, 2009

alrights, just finish maths paper, ACS 2009 prelims, yar lorh, my mother so fast bought prelims for this year liaos. multiple choice got 38/40, and its like, i did within the time of 50 minutes, with bout 28 min left over, i so pro rite? *clapclap. thanks very much(: l0ls. heehee. anyways, now my mother sayy can use com for awhile, until lunch time then stop and later continue to do more past year paper, yeah. hmmms, psle's in bout, 17 more days? hmmms, i suppose im quite prepare ba.

anyways, today hari raya, so 2moro got extra holidayys, very happy, me. can stay at home. even though must do paper, i kinda enjoy doin it now, yupps, so, okayyes lorh.

buh-byes, must makr full use of my time

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