bloq from sch.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hey ppl, now im currently bloqqin from school. social studies lesson, teacher sooo nice. alumni from school, last time oso best class.... heehee, then if we finish work, can playy, so tats why im bloqqin now sia. and school blogger website can work, so can change font colour... hahas, so good.

anyways, updates on my life, hahas, not reallyy good though, psle's in 21 dayys or so, i mean, u can actually see at the right side, yupps. im sooo scared, anyway, loads of exam papers to do, so, okayyes larh, hopefullyy i will be prepared 4 psle when time comes.

tomorroe im havin listenin compre [psle]... hahas, wish me luck, later arrangin the things, so, will waste some lessons, but its maths, so veryy sad, just now recess went to see maths teacher, she veryy funnyy, i love my teachers, hahas. now, i wanna playys, i mean facebook. so buh-byes

quick replies: weiting -->hihies!!
emily --> hahas, too bad :[

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