wrong, wrong, just wrong.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

watts wrong with my freakin com? or is it the wrong blogger webpage, why is the screen lidat? cannot change font colour for my post, cannot post pictures, cannot do anything correctly! its wrong! anyways, tis is like, the only day [or night] which im kinda relaxin durin this holis, morning do assesments or past year paper, only eat and do and sleep.... sianz.

anyways, its 25 days awayy, yikes, pen ur "luck" wishes on the tagg box fr me if u dun hate me larhs. kayyes? thanks in advance lah. heehee.
i wonder wat i wanna do after psle? of course larh. go outs with friends of course! but go where? always the same leh.... watch movie and eat , i wanns smth different, like, sayy , theme park? or night safari? hehe... u knoes night safari durin oct got halloween, then will scare euu, later heart attack, lols. hahas,

now eating banana cake, maybe tat's not wrong, cos its YUMMY:] but abit oily, jus abit. :]

anyways, continue taqqing, kayyes? thanks :] <3

*oh yah, did u see my previous post? the date was 090909....
so cool lorhs. hahas, buh-byes:]

oopsies, forgot. some quick replies / i mean, reply:
)-asmine)unior: kayyes, relinked:] and neverminds, just change url, dun mind:]

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