28 dayys 2 PSLE :[

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

*sigh. its only 28 dayys till PSLE, like, less than a month??! school holidaes dun even seem like school holidaes , no relax mode AT ALL sia... its like, all the stress lidat... and went back to school on mon, tues, wed.... all like normal school day....ugh. and blogger somethin wrong, horrible background... wanted to copy screen let u see, but now cannot even put photo, like WTH?

im usin com ONLY bcos have to do some chinese compo, yupps, luckily finato all the holiday homework, no nid to rush liaos... *phew!
at least next 4 days no need to go school, but after tat, its tough time... go through worksheet everyday without fail, so boring will sleep deh, but its the last of primary school already, have to embrace it.... ok, its only 28 more days, and 35 more days to FREEDOM, PEACE & FUN!!! heehee.... so jealous, rite?

bye, :]

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