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Monday, December 23, 2013

Hi friends :-) 

So yesterday, on 22 December, Christina and myself finally went out for our biannual "get-fat" session! Biannual because it normally occurs during the June & December holidays and get fat because we basically entertain ourselves solely with food and each other's company. 

This time, we headed to Lola's Café at Simon Road. The nearest MRT station is Kovan. Previously, we headed to Holland V & Orchard Central, which is more of Chris' "territory" and this time it's supposed to be me bringing her somewhere I'm familiar with but to be honest, it's my first time heading to that place & apart from Kovan being just one MRT stop away from my home, I know nothing about it! My deepest memories of the area is taking my piano exam there all the time :-( Not a very good memory to start with. So ya. We were basically venturing the unknown though I made the additional effort to reach earlier to find the place first :-) (I'm such a good friend, I know thanks; you're welcome Chris)

Lola's Café has the same queueing system as GRUB but it was super fast - we barely walked 5 steps from the café after making our booking before we received a call. And Chris went to type my name as "Yup" so it was a bit weird and awkward. Oh and I thought the ordering system was the same as Fast Food for Thought so I went to the counter and it was damn embarrassing because only the waiters are supposed to go to the counter :-( 

Anyway we did a little Christmas gift exchange hehe :-) I gave her one side of my boot filled with stuff and she gave me a bagful of stuff too! Thank you bb!

Chris appreciating my style and choice of shoes ;) (I know you do) 

With the Xmas card I made her :-) That's just the envelope though. 

Hehe evidently didn't take this photo in the café - but this is the super cute package Chris gave me :-) 

And then, our food came! I think it's really hilarious how I somehow always order fried chicken of some sort at every (hipster) café and eatery I go which offers it. But I love chicken :') 

Honey & Paprika Crispy Wings ($9) - fried chickens never cease to satisfy me no matter what and these ones were quite well done :') Love the flavour combination so much but Chris found it weird that the chicken was sweet because of the honey and she preferred the ones at EWF (which basically just tastes of salt).

Iced mocha ($6) - I didn't really mean to order this because I am super fussy about how I like my coffee done (extra sweet) and it was like this moment of impulse that I told the waitress I wanted this :-( It was bitter and thin and I didn't like it. Chris' drink (I totally forgot what it is - some apple thing) tasted like water according to her so I think drinks there are generally a no-no. 

In loving memory of the last chicken drumlet which Chris insisted I eat up (I ate more than her hur hur) because her appetite has decreased to the size of a pea after her UK trip. 

We didn't order any main courses off their brunch menu because Chris was a pea heh heh heh and I was craving soupy Asian food instead of creamy/ rich/ thick dishes - I don't know why I keep craving for Asian food nowadays. But we were extremely full by the end of our visit there which is really weird because we ate  really quite little! (Get fat session fail) 

Then we had desserts - most of the items on the dessert menu were tarts! It was good that the tarts were quite small at priced pretty reasonably so people can try a variety of various flavours. 

Lemon meringue tart ($4) - "Passable" according to the super fussy lemon tart eater. I shall interpret that as "not too bad" HAHA. 

Caramelized banana earl grey tart ($4) - It wasn't too bad but I didn't particularly enjoy it just because I felt like it wasn't a mushy banana day for me. Earl grey flavour was nice though. Oh, and both tarts have the hardest crust ever!!!! :-( It's not crumbly or buttery or flaky - it just tasted like a stale biscuit, I think they just bought machine-made crusts because they all look so uniform. It's almost impossible to take a nice piece of the tart with just the metal fork provided because the crust will probably fly to someone else's table. 

With the disappointing tart :-( 

Then we headed to Serangoon (my territory HAHA) and went to the rooftop of nex because it was quite a good location to take photos - which is another component of our biannual get fat sessions! Don't mind the photo flood please thanks :-) 

"Chums", says Chris. 

I think this photo is super cute hehe :-) 

This one too - the lighting (i.e. the Sun) is super good :') 


Urm this is Chris trying to keep a straight model-style face. Much better than my attempt anyway - give her credit for that :-) 

And Chris brought her polaroid camera! Love love love how the polaroids came out :') 

Pretty Chris in her typical Chris pose (that I sometimes rip unknowingly sigh I'm sorry) 

HEHEHEHE the cute print on my shirt - it used to be a T-shirt that my aunt bought from Bangkok for my brother but he didn't like it and didn't wear it ever so I stole it from him and made my own alterations to it! :-) Basically snipped off the short sleeves and used a bit of fabric glue. 

Be careful - I'm standing right behind ya!!!!

It was really really nice catching up with Chris - thank you for being one of my closest friends from RG ever since Year One in Guides! I have been through so much with you and we've literally seen each other in our best and worst moments for the past four years. You're a beautiful person both inside and outside and I really hope we'll stay close even in JC! :-) Let's play our favourite game to end off this post:


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