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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello friends :-) 

Yesterday, Emily and I finally got to catch up after so long and it felt really good. She's my best friend since primary school and even though we didn't end up in the same secondary school, we've always stayed in contact and meet up as regularly as we can (which sadly has a decreasing frequency)  - we always spend New Year's eve and New Year's together though, so I'm really looking forward to that as well :-) 

So we went out without much of a plan nor meeting time because she's always late even when we set down a timing and we ended up going to three different places, which was pretty cool. First stop was Strictly Pancakes at Prinsep Street near Dhoby Ghaut MRT and it was actually Emily's first time there. 

whoa I think this photo is super nice :') 

We ordered the chicken wings ($8) because I absolutely love them! I know it's kind of strange to order side dishes when at Strictly Pancakes but please do try these ones if you find yourself at the place because they are heavenly! The last time I was there, we didn't intend to order them but the couple at the table next to us had them and they had such an aroma we couldn't resist. Also, I can't really take the idea of savoury pancakes and to have sweet pancakes the whole meal is a little overwhelming so the chicken really helps to balance everything. 

So so so good :') The sauce isn't that good though - just have them plain. 

We shared a sweet pancake dish - Lemon Curd for the Nerds ($10)! It's three chocolate pancakes with lemon custard and cream with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and powdered sugar on top. To me, having one plate of three pancakes is way too much for one person so it's best if you share it - honestly we were super stuffed at the end of our meal and both of us are really quite big eaters.

This dish was actually surprisingly refreshing - the perfect mix of tangy and sweet. I don't favour lemons or lemon-flavoured things that much but the custard and cream was really well made. It was creamy and smooth and went really well with the chocolate pancakes. I also loved how they used chocolate pancakes instead of the plain ones because the chocolate and lemon really complemented each other :') Definitely overtaken "Banana - Scotched" as my favourite dish from Strictly Pancakes! 

After our lunch, we headed to Clarke Quay & we chanced upon a photo taking booth at the central so of course, why not? :-)


I have quite a soft spot for teddy bears - they are second after ducks! I'm not sure how many people have cuddled with this bear before so it's a little unsanitary heh. 

I made her do this pose! And I think it turned out fairly well :') 

Really like this photo of us and the bear!

This too heh heh heh :-) 

Then we headed outside of the shopping mall to the riverside! I think Clarke Quay has a beautiful scenery (for the standards of Singapore) but it was extremely hot that day - the sun was just so unkind to us so we didn't hang out in the open for long. 

Would have been a nicer photo without that pole at the back :-( 

(I've always passed by the building with colourful windows in the background of this picture but never been there in person so I have no idea what that building is - does anyone care to enlighten me) 

glamorously messy 

S E L F I E time :-) 

Oh and I baked her belated birthday cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and a chocolate drizzle! :') The frosting actually has the colour and shape of poop but just don't think about it. 

Wow my cupcakes made it to Clarke Quay! 

Chilling (well not really because the sun was scorching hot) by the riverside got a bit boring so we took a stroll along the river and headed towards another shopping mall nearby.

This photo is super funny because of the perspective - she took it from a really high distance so I look tiny!!!

This one too! Compare it to the next photo which I took for her when she's on an elevated platform. 

She looks like a giant! 

She has a knack for climbing things heh. 

The shopping mall nearby was Liang Court and it was my first time there and there's a Meidi-Ya Japanese supermarket there and it is an amazing place. I can see myself coming back often for the super cute speciality stuff they have and of course, baking ingredients! The selection there is incredibly extensive. 

Super cute (but overpriced) bottled lemon tea and milk tea! 

They have freaking vanilla pods O M G and a lot of other baking things I've never seen elsewhere. I need this supermarket nearer to my home :-( 

And come on, they sell Krabby Patties too - not something you can say no to! 

We explored Liang Court for a bit before decided to get dinner which was such a tough decision because we didn't know what to eat at all. Clarke Quay was a no-no because it was getting late and the pubs and bars and clubs would be opening its doors soon. At first we wanted to go to a café but both of us were craving for something hot and steaming and Asian; cafés with their Western fare won't satisfy us at all so Emily suggested travelling to Esplanade for some cheap and good Korean ramen. 

And so we did - it's a stall located at a food court in Esplanade XChange and unlike other food courts, it's actually really quiet with very little human traffic so it wasn't all rowdy and uncomfortable like other such eateries. We both ordered their kimchi chicken ramen at $4.50 a bowl and it was such a lovely lovely meal. The portion was quite huge - not too much, but enough to fill you 80% of the way and it was so satisfying spicy with generous chunks of chicken - as much as I dislike the word, 'shiok' would probably be the best descriptor of the experience. 

Get a cup of ice milo from the neighbouring stall at $1.80 and BAM your day will be made :') Mine was. 

So good - will definitely be back even though it's fairly out of the way. 

The atmosphere there is seriously quite amazing but maybe it's because it was a weekday night. Anyway, we headed to Serangoon to catch up for a bit more before heading home. 

It was such a wonderful day - thanks for that Emily, and for the seven years of friendship (and counting!) 

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