Christmas & Cakes

Saturday, December 28, 2013

(belated, but nevertheless, I hope all of you have had a great one, whether you celebrate it or not)

So, Christmas was three days ago and I haven't been blogging for a pretty long time - nothing much's been happening but I'd thought I give a little update, in cake form :-)

So, a week before Christmas, I somehow decided to enter a Facebook contest organized by The Icing Room and it was a caption contest - I had to fill up the speech bubbles of the provided comic strip and I ended up winning it and won myself a log cake from them. To be honest, I was really quite confident of winning (don't ask me why) and I did :-) So that was nice hehe brought it to my maternal family Christmas gathering and my little cousins were really quite excited at the Rudolph cake because it's cute - it's called Chocolate Rudolph and it was quite rich and good with moose and caramel in between the layers. And a chocolate ganache covered it all mmmmm! I mean, come on, it tastes of victory (heh heh heh) 

Okay, moving on from the Chocolate Rudolph cake :-) I have no idea but strange things happened at work during the Christmas period with the Christmas party and all and things got a bit weird. On Christmas eve, I was feeling really miserable after work (yes I had to work that day) because it's the busiest day for a toy shop - parents all scurrying to buy last minute gifts and it all felt so sad because I usually spend that day with my family, especially my mum but I was mostly alone. So before heading home, I got myself this little cupcake with a Santa on it and it made my day 10000x better!

At first, I thought it was a super gross tasting cupcake that only looked cute but it was actually really good with liquid chocolate in the middle of the cake so I was pleasantly surprised and I went to bed on Christmas Eve feeling happy (which would have been otherwise if not for this cake). 

Oh, and I saved the Santa on the cupcake for the next cake that's going to be featured which is the cake I baked for my paternal family Christmas gathering! My aunt ordered it from me when she had a taste of the Christmas fruit cake I baked in November :-) She really really liked it but requested for it to have booze so I soaked the fruits in brandy and I was actually really scared that it'll be a disaster because I've never tried baking with alcohol before. 

Fortunately, my relatives really liked it and it was a huge success hehe so many of them told me it was their favourite on the Christmas table and that they could really taste the booze. To be entirely honest, I very much preferred it without the brandy added but I guess they all have more mature palates. My aunt even wanted to order the same cake from me for Chinese New Year because it was so well received but she decided that I had to focus on my studies because school would have started by then. 

Last but not least, the prettiest cake of them all (in my opinion), saved for Boxing Day! :-) There was so much food on Christmas Day itself, we didn't even manage to cut this cake so we devoured it on the 26th instead, and it's such a lovely and cute cake :') Plus it's chocolate again ahhh who can resist? 

P R E T T Y (I wish I'd be able to bake like that someday)

So, that's how the Christmas season went for me, in cake form :-) 
Incredibly blessed with food, family and friends :') I hope this finds everyone well! 

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